Bauerfeind in high demand in Pyeongchang

2018 Winter Olympics

The numbers for the 2018 Winter Olympics speak for themselves: Bauerfeind’s services were used by just under 500 athletes from 51 countries from February 1 to 25. Bauerfeind supports, orthoses, compression stockings, and foot orthoses came to the aid of athletes on more than 900 occasions. The competitors sought out the products for acute injuries, in case there was a flare-up of an old problem or for various signs of overstraining. Supports and orthoses for the knee and back were in particularly high demand. 
More than 5,000 products were sent to the polyclinics in the two Olympic Villages before the start of the Games, to ensure that all products would be available in all sizes until the end. The cases treated included a wide range of typical sports injuries: strains, sprains, bruising, torn ligaments and broken bones. “Around 30 percent of the products needed were supports and orthoses for the knee and back,” says Jörg Ritzerfeld, Olympics Project Manager and Senior Manager Sponsorship and Sports Marketing at Bauerfeind.

Athletes from all 15 disciplines sought the help of Bauerfeind, led by ice hockey, freestyle skiing/snowboarding and Alpine skiing. Just like in Sochi in 2014, many injuries happened in the young Olympic disciplines. Falls on the mogul slope, in the halfpipe or on the slopestyle course were a daily occurrence in Bokwang Phoenix Park, where the freestyle skiing and snowboarding competitions took place. Around 80 freestyle skiers, ski cross racers and snowboarders required medical aids from Bauerfeind, in most cases for their knees, backs, hands and shoulders. Injuries treated included torn cruciate and lateral ligaments, injuries in the area of the lumbar spine, dislocated shoulders and broken hands.

Melf Sönnichsen, Olympics Project Manager for Bauerfeind and Head of Marketing, Bauerfeind Sports, is very pleased the company’s service and explains: “Our technicians backed up the athletes’ trust in them with their professional work on a daily basis. This combination of craftsmanship and highly effective products ‘Made in Germany’ ensured that we managed to achieve our ‘Olympic’ goal for 2018 as well: happy athletes who were able to successfully continue competing with our products, and happy partners who could see that they can rely on us. Our partnership with the representatives of the International Olympic Committee and the Pyeongchang Organizing Committee, on whose behalf we were able to treat the athletes, has been very effective right from the start – in the service of athletes from all over the world.”

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