Combatting chronic heel and ankle pain with Power(wave)

The new TRIactive heel foot orthosis

TRIactive, the popular foot orthosis with a "jigsaw puzzle" appearance, is now available in a new design for chronic heel and ankle pain patients: TRIactive heel. The distinctive yellow zone clearly indicates the problem area – this is where the plantar fascia is attached to the heel bone. Owing to a flattened longitudinal arch, the large aponeurosis is subjected to increased tension. This can cause painful inflammation which often radiates into the wider fascia area. 

The TRIactive heel foot orthosis has been designed to softly cushion the painful area and to relieve strain: a Poron pad is integrated in the yellow zone to create a three-layer cushion design, providing extra soft cushioning for the plantar fascia. The integrated thermal reinforcement features a cut-out in the yellow zone to additionally support the soft cushioning. 
The wave-shaped and therefore irritation-free connection of the materials with different degrees of firmness, called PowerWave Technology, is particularly comfortable for patients in pain. Uncomfortable edges or transitions are prevented.