SacroLoc® Back Brace

Orthosis for the stabilisation of the pelvis and relief of the sacroiliac joints

SacroLoc stabilises the pelvis and relieves pressure on the sacroiliac joints. The orthosis’s elastic mesh material and tensioning straps straighten the pelvis, which relieves the local ligaments. The patented tensioning strap system brings two dorsal pads precisely into position. The pads massage targeted trigger points during movement and have an effect on the stabilising ligaments and muscles. This alleviates pain, releases tension, and further enhances the relief provided.

  • Stabilises and straightens the pelvis
  • Relieves pressure on the sacroiliac joints and the local ligaments
  • Massages targeted ligament and muscle insertion points
  • Alleviates pain and releases muscle tension
  • Offers a high degree of wearing comfort