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Redefining ACL Recovery

Learn more about the Cross Brace Protocol and how we strive to support your patients in their ACL recovery!


Bauerfeind’s four key product categories offer a diverse portfolio of clinically-effective and evidence-backed solutions to support a wide range of conditions, enabling clinicians and patients to successfully achieve performance and recovery goals.


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Our medically effective compression, braces and supports are engineered with your patients' body and performance in mind – with patented technology to support individual training, recovery, and performance goals.

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Bauerfeind’s Clinical Education and Collaboration Program has spearheaded industry connectivity across the allied health sector to support the effective integration of braces and compression into patient recovery and rehabilitation programs.

Our team of dedicated product specialists work in close collaboration with various allied health professionals across Australia and New Zealand to continuously optimize patient prevention and recovery objectives, and promote positive outcomes and experiences.


Our product technicians routinely conduct product and educational workshop sessions with allied health teams to build awareness and understanding of the importance of evidence-backed compression and bracing solutions in enhancing conservative and post-operative recovery.

Our in-services are tailored to the individual and unique focuses of each practice, and provide an interactive setting to explore key products, discuss patient challenges, and build effective partnership models to support clinical practice.


Our multi-faceted service program with allied health professionals provides key channels of support for clinicians to facilitate access to Bauerfeind products and ensure our partners receive a premium and tailored experience that guarantees success and promotes collaboration.

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Bauerfeind’s diverse portfolio of braces, orthoses, compression, and insoles embody a near-century of investment in evidence-backed product development and research. Through the combination of independent and published clinical studies, we commit to delivering a product range that is driven by robust evidence and insight to enable our partners to make data-informed decisions on optimum orthopedic solutions for patients.

Our Collected Studies comprises the comprehensive data-driven insights that underpin our braces and orthoses, and explores a range of clinical and research parameters to demonstrate the efficacy of Bauerfeind aids in enhancing clinical outcomes in a range of contexts, including osteoarthritis, sports injuries, and chronic disorders.

Bauerfeind Studies & Research

GenuTrain Knee Support

Suitable for general anterior knee pain, mild osteoarthritis, Osgood Schlatter’s disease, and mild instability.

GenuTrain confers proprioception improvement in patients with polyarthritis, as determined through ankle reproduction tests.

GenuTrain A3 Knee Support

Suitable for mild early-stage osteoarthritis, mild meniscal issues, and mild instability.

GenuTrain A3 significantly reduces pain and improves stability in patients with osteoarthritis of the knee, as determined through measurement of pain-free walking distance 6 weeks following use of the brace.


Bauerfeind’s therapeutic aids endeavour to provide the perfect combination of innovation with quality and efficacy to enable patients to access solutions that will significantly enhance recovery, improve quality of life, and promote an efficient return to activity.

Discover firsthand experiences from patients, and delve into their insights and perspectives on how Bauerfeind has supported their mobility and performance goals.

Game Changer ★★★★★

After several injuries to the AC joint, and most recently several dislocation & subluxation, I was barely able to get dressed with confidence. Now with the brace, I'm doing my physio, exercising again & can finally get back in the garden with confidence.

OmoTrain Shoulder Brace

Amazing results ★★★★★

After years of painful sleepless nights, and physio appointments for a carpel tunnel which only really manifested at night was about to book in for surgery when GP suggested try wrist braces. Immediate results, no night pain, comfortable to wear and life changed.

ManuTrain Wrist Support

So supportive! ★★★★★

The EpiTrain has helped my tennis elbow. Immediate relief and very supportive. In conjunction with my physio exercises, I recommend wearing this most of the time in the initial injury phase, followed by when doing activities on the injured side.

EpiTrain Elbow Brace

Excellent Product ★★★★★

With EDS, osteoporosis and arthritis, my joints suffer, particularly my arms as I use a wheelchair. My wrist had compression fractures and my physio suggested the Manuloc. It was successful. Thanks for making my life more functional.

RhizoLoc Thumb Stabiliser

Instant confidence ★★★★★

After weeks of struggling to walk for more than a few thousand steps at a time I purchased two GenuTrain knee braces. I got instant support and confidence and was walking 12-14,000 steps a day immediately after wearing the braces.

GenuTrain Knee Brace

Thumbs Up! ★★★★★

I’ve tried a lot of braces with my severe knee injury. After 3 years of rehabbing, I am left with an ongoing irritated lateral fat pad. I’m really happy with this brace. It offloads my swollen fat pad well, reducing swelling and allowing me to do more.

GenuTrain OA Knee Brace


As new frontiers in orthopaedics and injury management continue to inspire novel approaches to patient recovery, Bauerfeind is committed to considering and integrating new research perspectives to continuously support and build patient recovery initiatives.


The Cross Brace Protocol

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We at Bauerfeind prioritise accessibility for patients as a fundamental cornerstone of our brand ethos, and our close collaboration with clinical partners is essential to facilitating a streamlined approval and acquisition process for our aids. Bauerfeind endorse various compensable schemes across Australia, and as we work with clinicians to enhance efficiency of approval processes to ensure rapid access to our solutions and comprehensive patient support.

We extend our support to various other compensable schemes across Australia and New Zealand, enabling us to maximize comprehensive coverage for patient services.


Our product specialist and clinical support division is spearheaded by our motivated team of technicians responsible for cultivating and managing our close partnerships with allied health teams across Australia and New Zealand. Whether your goal is to arrange a patient fitment, coordinate an educational workshop, or simply to request product guidance, our team is ready to provide the utmost level of service to yourself and your practice.

For any inquiries and interests, reach out to a product specialist from our team! We are here to help.


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