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GloboTec Soft


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  • Soft foam orthotic blank for functional cushioning and relief
  • For treatment of various foot deformities



  • Must be ground (foot orthosis shape at the sides and foot orthosis thickness)
  • Depending on the cushion layer/base layer combination, suitable e.g. for sport and leisure activities, treating pressure-sensitive feet and in the case of diabetic foot syndrome or rheumatoid foot deformities
  • For leisure and comfort shoes


  • Adequate orthopedic support for the foot arches
  • Can be adapted to suit a wide range of foot proportions and shoe shapes
  • Base layer and cushion layers available in different density levels
  • Physiologically safe materials
  • Easy to grind (grinding belt, grit 40–100, polishing brush on the blade disk)
  • Easy to bond (standard workshop glue)


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between the GenuTrain and the GenuTrain P3?

The GenuTrain P3 covers more of the knee, including the lower quads and hamstring. Using a higher grade compression with extensive gel support and a medial strap, it's designed to give a much higher level of patellar support than the standard GenuTrain.

Can I wear this during sport?

The GenuTrain P3 is perfect for wear at any level of sport, and is worn by international athletes on the playing field the world over.

How does the patella tracking work?

The Patella tracking in the P3 works by combining a specialised gel support with an inbuilt adjustable medial strap. This works to prevent the kneecap migrating away from the centre of the joint while still allowing for regular movement.

What injuries/conditions does the P3 treat?

The P3 is great for patella tendinitis, kneecap fractures, IT Band problems, patella dislocation and tracking, lower quad knee issues and more!

What is this item's TGA certification number?


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