3 Tips to Stop a Knee Brace from Slipping Down

When managing a knee injury, also dealing with a brace that is constantly slipping down only adds to the frustration. Some advice is to use an adhesive or wear compression pants to keep a knee brace in place however, based on clinical research studies the key to reducing knee brace from moving is making sure the brace fits your anatomy as closely as possible. We have outlined various ways to help stop your knee brace from sliding down.

Why is your Knee Brace Slipping?

The first thing to stop your knee brace from slipping, is to find out why is it rolling down.

  1. The main inevitable factor is gravity. Gravity works all-day trying its best to pull the knee brace down.
  2. Additionally, another factor could be that the circumference of your thigh is much greater than your calf. You can imagine this as like an upside-down cone. Imagine how easy it is for something to slip down. We recommend spending some quality time fitting and choosing a correct brace in order to minimise this issue.
  3. Sweat could also play a role. Neoprene knee braces can cause a build-up of sweat as the material is not breathable. The heat and moisture are trapped between your brace and skin, causing it to slip down easily. If this is your issue, we recommend choosing a brace with flat knit material which has great moisture wicking and breathable properties , which act to keep your skin dry.

Here are 3 simple tips to stop a knee brace from slipping down:

1. Choosing the right brace and size

 Generally, the brace that you will choose will depend on the nature of the injury or the condition. For example, for general support a compression sleeve might be suitable, but for more advanced injuries such as ACL tears, a more heavy-duty unloader brace may be your only option. So even though you may be limited to the type of brace you may have to wear, it is really important to make sure it fits well and is comfortable for all day wear.


GenuTrain Knee Brace


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At Bauerfeind we offer an extensive range of knee braces to suit any injury. What’s even more extensive is our sizing range to ensure we provide you with a perfect fit.

We understand that bodies come in many different shapes and sizes. That’s why our sizing system was developed based on real measurements from more than 500,000 different people around the world using our Bodytronic 3D scanning system.

This system, combined with access to complete customisation where necessary, allows us to efficiently deliver tailored products for all body types and ensures that you get a perfect fit.

If the circumference of your thigh is significantly greater than the circumference of the calf, you will most likely experience slippage. If you do experience this, we suggest choosing one of our comfort (C) sizes in our GenuTrain range which particularly cater to this issue.

Each item on our website has a Measuring and Fit guide, to help you find the right size. We recommend you follow the instructions on the sizing guide.

You will need measuring tape - preferably cloth like the kind a seamstress would use. If you do not have a measuring tape, you can use a piece of string and a ruler. If you are between sizes, usually we recommend sizing down to experience the full compression benefits and also to ensure the brace will not be loose.

Bauerfeind knee brace

2. Fitting the brace correctly

Sometimes, a brace that is constantly sliding down may mean that it has not been put on correctly. As there are many different braces, there are many different ways to fit them. A general outline is detailed below, to try and help you fit a knee brace in the best way possible.

3. Get an expert to fit the brace

Finally, getting an expert or product specialist to fit the brace might be one of your best options. If there is a possibility of coming in store and getting measured and fitted by a product technician, we would highly recommend it.

Not only will they make sure you are getting the perfect fit but also the brace you have chosen will fit your lifestyle and current injury. The product technicians are able to teach you how to place the brace properly on the knee to reduce slippage.

Call a Bauerfeind expert at 1300668466 to book in a session to get a precise anatomical measurement using our Bodytronic 3D scanning system and we can advise a suitable sizing and type of brace for your injury.

If you are still unsure on selecting the right product for your needs, send us a message on Live Chat or  book a video consultation with a Bauerfeind expert: Book Video Call.

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