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What are common injuries caused in hiking?

Broken and dislocated bones are the most common major injuries from hiking. Sprains and cramping are the most common minor injuries. Overuse of the shoulder muscle due to use of the trekking pole can lead to shoulder injuries. Wrist fractures and thumb fractures can occur from the thumb being trapped in the trekking pole strap. We recommend R.I.C.E (rest, ice therapy, compression, and elevation) method for treating injuries. Please consult a medical professional for your injury. Bauerfeind braces and supports help in preventing injuries and aid in speedy recovery.

How can I prevent cramps while hiking?

Cramping is one of the most common hiking injuries. Cramps occur due to lactic acid accumulation in muscles and dehydration.To prevent cramps and sprains while hiking, we recommend wearing compression socks and sleeves. Bauerfeind provides medical-grade compression unlike most active wear and compression brands available in Australia which provide low-grade compression. It enhances muscle regeneration by supplying the muscles with oxygen and nutrients and eliminating lactic acid. Compression wear can also protect your skin from scrapes and abrasions while trekking through thorny bushes or save you from that poison ivy rash.

How can I prevent knee injuries while hiking?

Hiking for long hours through different terrains can put strain on your knees which can increase your risk of a knee injury. We recommend wearing our Sports Knee Support or Genutrain to protect your knee by stabilising your knee joint. The medical grade compression will enhance your performance by improving your blood circulation. Hike that extra mile with Bauerfeind supports.

How can I prevent ankle and foot injuries while hiking?

Ankle injuries are common in hiking due to the overuse and overloading of the ankle muscles due to heavy backpacks and water bottles.To prevent an ankle injury, we recommend wearing our Sport Ankle Support or Sport Ankle Dynamic Support which provides additional stability to your ankle and prevents sprains.The effective zone-based compression improves your proprioception and depth stability in your foot. The stress on the bottom of the foot from walking for long hours through varied terrain can cause conditions such as plantar fasciitis, where the tissue in the arch of the foot becomes inflamed and painful. To prevent foot injuries, we recommend wearing the Sports Run & Walk insoles inside your shoe. Wearing foot insoles helps redistribute the pressure and decrease overloading complaints.

How can I prevent back pain while hiking?

Hiking with heavy backpacks can cause back strain which can cause acute or chronic lower back pain. Heavy backpacks coupled with poor posture and core strength can cause back injuries in hikers. To prevent back injuries and enhance your performance we recommend wearing Sports Performance Back Support. In addition, stretch before your hikes and strengthen your muscles through back strengthening exercises.