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How can compression help in Crossfit?

Compression in crossfitters can enhance athlete performance. Arm and leg compression sleeves and socks hold the muscles firmly and tightly in their place. This aids in muscle stabilization and protects your limbs from injuries such as mild sprains. Medical-grade compression provided in Bauerfeind sports performance supports and braces increases oxygenation levels in muscles, eliminates lactic acid accumulation and aids in muscle regeneration, thus improving athlete recovery rates. Improved blood circulation from compression has reported in preventing delayed onset muscle soreness. Pair this up with the Run and Walk foot insoles to decrease pressure on your foot and improve your performance further.

How can you protect your knees in Crossfit?

Crossfit combines high-intensity weights with rapid movements. However, this increases the risk of injury in crossfitters. Knees are an easy target for injury due to the high pressure from weights while performing squat movements. Incorrect form and lack of stretching can increase your chances of injury- make sure you stretch well before your workout. Protect your knees and enhance your mobility by wearing Genutrain or Sports Knee Support. Knee support and braces stabilise the knee joint and massage the muscles to reduce pain. The medical-grade compression enhances crossfit performance as it reduces recovery rate time and eliminates lactic acid which causes cramps.

How can I protect my shoulder from injury in crossfit?

Shoulder injuries are the most common injuries in crossfit, contributing to approximately 32% of all injuries. This is due to the Olympic-style lifts which require shoulders to move a greater range of motion than their normal. Another reason is the high muscle fatigue experienced by Crossfitters due to overuse of muscles. The high number of repetitions fatigues muscles, affects the technique and causes injury. To prevent shoulder injury, we recommend stretching before your workouts. Wearing an Omotrain can provide active stabilisation for your shoulder joint. The special strap system leaves the chest area free, enhancing your natural mobility.

How can I protect my lower back from injury in crossfit?

Lower back injuries are the second most common injuries in cross fit. The powerlifting and gymnastic movements in crossfit are the cause of lower back injuries and chronic back pain. It is important to be aware of your form and perform with proper technique. To protect your back from injury, we recommend wearing the Sports Back Support or the Lumbotrain. These allow full range of motion while performing sports and provide active stabilisation of the spine. The compression holds the muscles firmly in place aiding in injury prevention and allow speedy recovery by improving muscle regeneration.