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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I prevent or treat golf elbow?

Golf elbow, also called medial epicondylitis or lateral epicondylitis, is one of the most common golf injuries. The pain persists in the inside of the elbow due to the inflammation of the muscle and might spread to the forearm and wrist. To prevent this condition, we recommend using Sports Elbow Strap or Sport Elbow Support and the Sports Wrist Strap which will provide stability to the arm and allow you to make reliable shots. If you are already suffering from Golf elbow, we recommend using EpiTrain elbow brace or Sports Elbow Brace as it relieves the medical-grade compression relieves the pain and tension. You can also use the EpiPoint which provides targeted compression to the pain points, relieving Golf elbow pain.


Can golf cause lower backache and how to treat a golfers back pain?

If you pulled a back muscle and still want to continue playing golf, or if you want to prevent lower back pain caused by golf, we recommend using Bauerfeind Sacroloc back brace. The compression provides pelvic support, corrects your posture and relieves lower back ache. The special pads massage your back muscles during movement which promotes blood circulation aiding in muscle healing and treating pain.

How can I prevent shoulder injuries while playing golf?

It’s easy for golfers to injure their rotator cuff muscles which surround the ball and socket shoulder joint. Tendons and muscles tear up if you’re continuously hammering them whilst swinging strokes. Golf can cause rotator cuff injuries leaving your shoulder sore and affecting your performance. To avoid or treat shoulder injuries, we recommend OmoTrain shoulder brace which supports and stabilizes the rotator cuff muscles while maintaining the natural movement of the shoulder. The medical-grade compression activates the muscles by increasing the blood flow, allowing more oxygen to reach the shoulder area. This accelerates muscle regeneration and provides targeted pain relief.

How to prevent knee injuries while playing golf?

Golf can be hard on your knees due to the complex rotation and side-to-side movement of the knee joint during the golf swing. This puts tremendous pressure on the tendons and ligaments of the golfer’s knee causing knee injuries such as meniscus tear. To prevent or avoid a torn meniscus, we recommend Sport Knee Support or GenuTrain knee brace. Both these supports, provide medical grade compression which stimulates blood flow to muscles aiding in muscle recovery and pain relief. To treat a mild meniscal tear, we recommend wearing Genutrain S while playing golf. This brace provides excellent lateral support with it’s side struts and the compression weave supports the larger tendons and muscles of the leg.


How can you play golf with arthritis?

Just because you are suffering from osteoarthritis (or OA), you don’t need to pack up your golf clubs. Bauerfeind’s GenuTrain A3 is specially designed for arthritis pain relief. It has a special patella pad which targets the friction zones of the knee joint which typically cause arthritis pain. It massages these zones, stimulating muscle regeneration and reduces pain.