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Heel Support Braces

Pain that surges through your foot with each step, discomfort when you're standing in one spot too long or just thinking all day about getting to the couch to take off your shoes and put your feet up. Heel pain interrupts life and stops us from getting things done. Finding the right heel brace helps to alleviate that pain, and give your heel the support and relief it needs.

Bauerfeind's range of heel supports are suitable for any issue, from mild pain and discomfort to chronic pain and neuropathy.

Find answers to the most common questions.

Will these change the way I walk?

Bauerfeind's range of supports are designed to restore natural movement rather than overcorrect. By using special anatomically designed components that make little changes for a big difference, you'll find your gait might change a bit, but towards a general improvement.

Why not just wear insoles

While insoles are effective in treating a range of issues with the feet, using a support with built in heel support means you can also benefit from compression and muscle stability as well. In some cases, you can even combine them together to get the very best support.

Can I wear these without shoes?

Virtually all of our supports can be worn in any situation, day or night, going out or staying in. Our heel support brace range in particular are all great for wearing at home without shoes as well as day to day at work or socialising.

How do I take care of these products?

Virtually all of our products can be machine washed on a cold gentle cycle and air dried out of direct sunlight. Putting them on and taking them off carefully is recommended, and for specific product care, refer to the product manual or contact our friendly staff.

What is the warranty for these products?

All supports and insoles come with a 12 month warranty, and compression stockings with a 3 month warranty for any manufacturers faults. At any point if you've got issues with the product or aren't sure if something is wrong, just contact our helpful staff.

How do I know they'll fit?

Bauerfeind have an incredibly extensive sizing system for our products based off of hundreds of thousands of patient measurements. The perfect anatomic fit system we use means that the supports are designed to fit your body, not the other way around. (We also offer custom options for a range of our products for those rare few who still can't fit into our sizing range).