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What are the most common injuries in Tennis?

Whilst lower limb injuries are the most common in tennis such as tennis toe, ankle and knee injuries, tennis players can also be affected by upper limb injuries such as tennis elbow, wrist and shoulder injuries due to the high-velocity arm movements. We recommend wearing Bauerfeind Sports Performance range and braces to prevent injuries which might keep you on the bench for long.

How can I prevent or treat Tennis Elbow?

Tennis elbow, also called medial epicondylitis or lateral epicondylitis, is one of the most common tennis injuries. The outer elbow gets inflamed and becomes painful. To prevent this condition, we recommend using Sports Elbow Strap or Sport Elbow Support which will provide the required support and also aid in making stable and reliable shots during an intense game. Using EpiTrain Elbow Brace or Sports Elbow brace can relieve the symptoms of chronic Tennis Elbow as is provides support to the elbow joint, all through to the forearm allowing full range of motion. The EpiPoint has a five point pad which stimulates the trigger points thus providing relief from tennis elbow and prevents relapse.

How can I prevent or treat shoulder injuries in tennis?

Swinging your tennis racket while serving and spiking can cause you to injure your shoulder muscles or develop tendonitis in the rotator cuff muscles of the shoulder due muscle overuse. To prevent or treat rotator cuff tendonitis, we recommend wearing Bauerfeind OmoTrain as it provides stability to the ball and socket joint allowing full range of motion. The medical grade compression activates the muscles allowing greater blood flow which aids in speedy recovery and delays muscle soreness.

How can I prevent a knee injury while playing tennis?

Rapid movement with frequent twisting and turning on hard tennis court can cause a Grade I-III knee sprains or a traumatic anterior cruciate ligament injury (or ACL tear) and MCL injury (or medial collateral ligament tear). Bauerfeind knee braces can prevent knee tears and strengthen your knee joint by providing additional stability and protection. To prevent ACL tears and meniscus tears, we recommend using Bauerfeind Genutrain and Sports Knee Support. The special Omega pad redistributes the compression away from patella and massages the patellar soft tissue to reduce pressure on the knee, thus preventing knee injuries. To treat ACL and MCL injuries, we recommend using the GenuTrain P3 as it is an advanced knee brace targeted specifically at the patella. It protects the patella through patella tracking and has a muscle relaxing pad (the only one of its kind in the world) for lateral support. 

How can compression help with tennis?

If you are Grand Slam fan, you must have noticed athletes wearing compression sleeves under their sportswear. Due to the repetitive movement of the arm in tennis, players are at a risk of injuries caused due to overuse of muscles. Compression gear is used in sports to help support and stabilize muscles. In tennis, compression particularly helps prevent and relieve symptoms of tennis elbow, also called tendinitis. Compression arm sleeves and elbow support targets the elbow muscles and increases the bloodflow to the muscles. This oxygenates the muscles, improves the nutrient levels and eliminates lactic acid which boosts recovery rates and reduces fatigue and soreness.