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Elbow Brace

Bauerfeind elbow braces are designed to provide effective protection and stability in your elbow joint and forearm muscles. Anatomically shaped functional elements provide effective relief from excessive strain and pain.

All our elbow braces can be worn both during sport and and in everyday life to provide support for existing pain and injuries as well as to prevent strains. Designed using our patented compression technology, Bauerfeind elbow braces have been clinically developed to provide you with a comfortable, durable and most importantly effective support.


When should I use an elbow brace?

Your elbow is essential for most day to day tasks and is therefore one of the most heavily used joints in your body. Protecting the tendons in your elbow, helps to prevent painful and chronic injuries that can stop you from doing even the most basic tasks. Wearing a brace is recommended by physios, doctors, surgeons and other medical specialists to assist with both injury recovery, and injury prevention.

For more tips on post-injury care: Self-Care While Recovering from Injury

How does an elbow brace work?

There are two main aspects of an elbow brace. The first is compression, stabilising the muscles and relieving any inflammation. The second is targeted relief through the gel pads, that help to loosen up the tendons and minimise any pain.

Which elbow brace is right for me?

Bauerfeind have created a range of elbow braces, suited to treat or manage elbow injuries ranging from mild to severe. It is difficult to recommend a brace without hearing more about your specific case. We recommend you consult a medical practitioner, or you can video chat with a Bauerfeind specialist. Simply book a suitable date and time by clicking this link: Book Bauerfeind Video Chat.

As a general rule, soft-sleeve products are for mild to moderate injuries and for low level stability. Whereas, hard braces are for moderate to severe injuries and provide a higher level of stability.

Can I exercise while wearing an elbow brace?

Yes, Bauerfeind elbow braces are made from a breathable lightweight material, and are designed to be worn during high intensity activity.

Can an elbow brace help with Tennis Elbow?

The best way to treat tennis elbow is by doing two things - wearing a brace and resting. Medical braces like the EpiTrain, EpiPoint and Sports Elbow Strap aim to reduce the stress on the muscle at the base of the joint and reduce pain. They are often instrumental in the primary stage of treatment to shield and support the elbow by targeting the tendons that are affected by Golfer’s Elbow and Tennis Elbow. Here is some more useful information: Treating Tennis Elbow.

Can I sleep in an elbow brace?

You certainly can, however it's best to do so only on the instruction of a medical clinician, as your arm isn't under any strain while you're asleep.

How do I put on an elbow brace?

Bauerfeind braces are easy to wear. Simply pull the brace onto the elbow and adjust it to get the right amount of compression. Sizing videos are available on the Bauerfeind YouTube channel.

How do I clean my elbow brace?

Wash the compression braces on a gentle cycle, at a low temperature, and then allow them to air-dry. Ideally, the garments should be washed in a delicates wash-bag. Clothes dryers should be avoided as the high temperatures can damage the fabric and grade of compression. For hard braces, hand-wash in cool water and allow to air-dry.

Can I return my elbow brace?

Yes, with our simple 30 day return or exchange policy, if your brace isn't the right fit, we will refund or exchange. We can only accept returns or exchanges if the product is unused apart from trying it on. More details here - shipping and returns