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What the most common injuries caused by cricket?

Whilst cricket is a low risk sport compared to contact sports like football and rugby, it can cause shoulder injuries due to the swinging motion of the bat/ball and lower limb injuries due to running. Lower limb injuries include ankle injuries which can range from mild to severe sprains and knee injuries such as ACL and Meniscus tears. Hamstring strain is one of the most common injuries observed in elite athletes, especially T20 players. To minimize your risk of getting injured, we recommend wearing Bauerfeind braces and Sport Support. The medical grade compression in Bauerfeind products boosts the blood flow and accelerates muscle recovery.

How can you prevent ankle injuries caused by cricket?

Ankle injuries amount to 40% of all sports injuries and are particularly common in cricket players due to fast-paced running. To prevent mild ankle sprains and to improve your performance, we recommend our dynamic ankle support or Malleotrain S while playing cricket. Malleotrain protects the ankle from lateral twisting and provides added stability when ankle muscles are overloaded. If you encounter a major ankle injuries such as Achilles heel or tendon ruptures, we recommend using Achillotrain or Achillotrain Pro. It evenly redistributes pressure to lower the impact on the ankle and massages the muscle to prevent lactic acid build up. The medical grade compression in Bauerfeind products increases the blood flow to the ankle muscles and fasten the recovery rate.


How can you prevent foot injuries in cricket?

Cricketers spend long hours standing and running on foot, sometimes for days at a stretch. This poses a high risk of developing heel pain and foot pain which can further cause knee, hip and spine issues. We recommend wearing Sports Insoles Run and Walk which are designed to provide stability to the foot while playing cricket. The  X-shaped Weightflex core allows the foot to move naturally while supporting the arch. If you are suffering from acute foot pain or plantar fasciitis, we recommend the ErgoPad Redux 2. The core provides cushioning for the feet while running and redistributes the pressure combating pain.

How can you prevent knee injuries while playing cricket?

The most common injury in cricket is knee injury caused due to the landing stride in bowling. Due to the extreme pressure and twisting motion, the overuse of the knee joint can cause inflammation (patellar tendinopathy) or ligament and meniscal tearing. To prevent patellar tendonitis, we recommend wearing the GenuTrain P3. Its an advanced knee brace which specifically targets the patella through its patella tracking pad. This pad massages the muscles in the knee joint and reduces pain. In order to prevent knee injuries, we recommend wearing Sports knee support or the Genutrain as it provides stability and protection of the knee joint. The medical grade compression allows for a speedy recovery as it increases the oxygenation levels in the muscles and supports muscle regeneration.