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What are the most common injuries in cycling?

The most common injuries in cycling are back and knee injuries. Cyclists suffer from lower-back pain, also known as sciatica due to the long hours with a poor posture. Cyclists knee pain and knee injuries are common due to overuse of the knee muscles, especially the patella during cycling movement. The inflammation of patella and supporting ligament structures can cause injuries such as patellofemoral pain syndrome. We recommend using Bauerfeind braces and Sports Support to prevent injuries from cycling.


What are the benefits of compression in cycling?

Compression helps strengthen muscles and hold them firmly in their place, preventing spasms and sprains. Bauerfeind provides medical-grade compression (unlike active-wear and low-grade compression) which increases oxygenation levels in muscles, supplies nutrients to muscles, eliminates lactic acid and promotes muscle regeneration. This assists in enhancing performance for cyclists and allows a speedy recovery post workout.

How can I prevent knee injuries while cycling?

To prevent common knee injuries such as patellofemoral pain syndrome (commonly known as cyclists knee) which are caused due to inflammation of the knee muscles from overuse, we recommend using Bauerfeind GenuTrain P3. The P in P3 stands for patella. This knee brace is targeted to provide pain relief to the knee cap. It has a special patella-tracking pad which tracks the patella as it moves and massages the tissue to improve blood circulation. To prevent knee issues, we recommend using our Sports Knee Support for active stability of the knee joint.  

How can I prevent back pain from cycling?

Back pain, or sciatica is very common in cycling due to long hours spent sitting in a bending posture whilst cycling, contributing to 45% of lower back injuries. Furthermore, to increase mileage cyclists flex back muscles in the sitting position which stresses the spine and fatigues the back muscles. To prevent acute/chronic back pain, we recommend using Sport Back Support or Lumbotrain whilst cycling. In addition, stretch before your workouts and take breaks between cycling to stretch your muscles. If you are already suffering from chronic back pain, we recommend using the LordoLoc or SacroLoc back brace.