The next generation of measurement technology

At Bauerfeind we don’t just sell a product, we sell a more comfortable and active lifestyle. The way we see it – Motion is life! Our mission is to get you out and about with premium products that work perfectly for you.

To do this, we provide state of the art 3D body measuring technology to help ensure the perfectly sized product is selected and has the maximum positive affect in your daily life.


The Bauerfeind Bodytronic System

The Bodytronic 600 digital measurement system measures the legs up to the hips as well as knees and ankles.

The Bodytronic 600 works by having you stand on a revolving measurement platform. A steady rotation excludes the potential for error. To generate the 3D model, the system projects beams of light onto the relevant body part and captures them digitally. The beams display a grid on the skin that is used to generate a highly accurate 3D cloud of dots.

The 3D model of your body instantly generated by the system coupled with numerous measurement data then forms the basis of an accurate choice of size and product. The Bodytronic 600 offers:

  • Accuracy: Manual measurement errors are avoided
  • Efficiency: Measurement and generation of the 3D model happen at the same time: under a minute
  • Non-contact: The body is measured by projecting beams of light

If you are in Sydney come by our flagship store to experience this cutting edge technology first hand.