A commitment to innovation

All Bauerfeind products are developed at our innovation centre and manufacturing facility in Zeulenroda, Germany based on years of scientific research and subject to rigorous testing and quality control checks. Every item is crafted using the highest quality materials with extreme attention to detail at every stage of the design and production process.

Our patented knits are constructed using state of the art manufacturing equipment and then finished off by hand. It’s this commitment to excellence that ensures all of our products are comfortable, durable and most importantly, effective.

Medical Grade

Boosts circulation while reducing swelling and muscle fatigue


Draws moisture
away for a sweat-free and comfortable fit

Pad +

neuromuscular joint stabilisation


Honeycomb flat-knit weave allows for targeted compression

Fabric with a difference

Our patented, flat-knit technology has been engineered to create anatomically contoured braces and supports that provide targeted compression where it’s needed most. This allows our braces to provide support while also acting as an effective swelling management tool.

Leaders in comfort and wearability

An unused brace is a useless one. We ensure all of our products are designed with comfort in mind to improve the bracing experience and ultimately recovery outcomes.

A sizing range as diverse as we are

At Bauerfeind, we understand that bodies come in many different shapes and sizes. That’s why our extensive sizing system was developed based on real measurements from more than 500,000 different people around the world using our Bodytronic 3D scanning system.

This system, combined with access to complete customisation where necessary, allows us to efficiently deliver tailored products for all body types and ensures that you get a perfect fit.

Bodytronic 600

The Bodytronic 600 digital measurement system creates a highly accurate 3D scan of your legs, giving you precise anatomical measurements to ensure a perfect fit.

The system projects infrared light as you stand on a revolving measurement platform. These beams display a grid on the skin that is then used to generate a highly accurate 3D model. This model can then be used to determine exact sizing needs, as well as to identify areas of asymmetry and track changes over time.

Visit our flagship store in the Sydney CBD to experience this cutting edge technology for yourself.

Bodytronic 150

The next generation in wireless, dynamic, foot pressure management, the Bodytronic 150 measures the pressure distribution on the soles of the foot during movement. After inserting the tracking pads into shoes and attaching the radio transmitter, the patient moves around. Pressure sensors then capture the data and forward it to the software, allowing accurate dynamic measurements to be measured and tracked.

The calculated measurement values can be displayed using isobaric, sensor, or 3D representation. Pressure and load points are displayed graphically and colour coded according to their maximum and average intensity. In addition, the gait line and cycloramas are displayed to allow gait rhythm and asymmetry to be displayed and analysed based on comparison parameters.