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Shoulder Dislocation Braces

The pain and discomfort of dislocating your shoulder is a familiar one to more people than you'd think. For athletes in contact sports like rugby, hockey and football, it's part of the territory. For people with chronic issues like EDS or hypermobility, it's an unfortunate reality they have to deal with every day. Strengthening and physio can help to a point, but for many people, wearing a shoulder dislocation brace is often the best protection they have.

If you're looking at a shoulder brace for dislocation prevention, then Bauerfeind have you sorted. With anatomical fit that allows for dynamic movement for the people that don't want to have to stop for their shoulders, to lightweight and ultra-supportive slings for those who have to keep the joint still, Bauerfeind have the best in shoulder dislocation braces.