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Performance Compression

Since 1929, Bauerfeind have been innovating medical compression. We've taken the best of that and applied it to our sports compression range, giving you muscular stability and circulation boosting to help improve your performance and recover faster. Whether it's a pair of Sports socks for a run, Upper leg sleeves for weightlifting or arm sleeves for basketball, we've got you covered.

Unparalleled comfort: Made from lightweight 3D airknit, moisture wicking fabric and breathable weave, you get maximum support without compromise on comfort.

Performance boost: Using medical-grade compression to stabilise and activate your main muscles, to minimise fatigue and get the most out of each movement. With our supports, you're on your best each with every stride.

Blood-Flow enhancing: over 90 years of research mean that your veins and muscles get the most accurate compression there is, to manage swelling, increase performance and speed up your healing and recovery.

Anatomical Fit: Shaped to your body's natural anatomy, we ensure that you've got the perfect fit to get the best performance out of every part body. With a wide range of sizes based off the research, studies and measurements of clinics worldwide, it's the compression that fits you, not the other way.

Award Winning Design: Our high standard German engineering isn’t just for show. All our compression garmentss are designed, engineered and produced to the very highest standards there are, meaning there’s no weak points or compromises. Durable, long-lasting and easy to care for, you can't go past Bauerfeind.

Medical Research: Bauerfeind are constantly researching and refining in the medical field, and rather than flood the market with dozens of different options for the same problem, we consistently refine and update the product to ensure you’ve always got the most up to date support.