Performance Insoles

Bauerfeind have an extensive amount of insoles, based off of decades of internal research. From supplying podiatrists and orthotists around the world, to fitting athletes from all nations at the Olympic Games, we've got the reputation and the products to back it up. Treating a wide range of foot issues like flat-foot, high arches, plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, heel pain, pre and post-op recovery and more, there's something for you.

Proprioception: Using the most up to date and refined medical research to help you, wearing our insoles will boost the stimulation and feedback your brain gets from your feet, meaning each step is perfectly guided.

Award Winning Design: Our high standard German engineering isn’t just for show. All our products are designed, engineered and produced to the very highest standards there are, meaning there’s no weak points or compromises. Durable, long-lasting and easy to care for, you can't go past Bauerfeind.

Medical Research: Bauerfeind are constantly researching and refining in the medical field, and rather than flood the market with dozens of different options for the same problem, we consistently refine and update the product to ensure you’ve always got the most up to date insole.

Unparalleled comfort: Made from slim and lightweight materials that don't lose any of their strength, the comfortable cushioning and shaping of our insoles mean each step is fully supported, getting the most out of each movement

Anatomical Fit: Shaped to your foot's natural anatomy, you get the perfect fit to help every step with a wide range of sizes based off the measurements and studies of clinics and research worldwide, it's the insole that fits you, not the other way.