Sports Compression Socks Run & Walk


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A sports compression sock for all endurance sports with unique, carefully regulated compression based on medical-grade standards. Read more

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Perform to your peak with the Bauerfeind sports compression socks. Specially developed for endurance sports, they boost the regeneration of your leg muscles allowing you to train harder with more vitality.

These high quality German made socks provide perceptible gradient compression in line with medical standards (Class two). This improves circulation and reduces unpleasant muscle vibrations in the calf muscles to reduce fatigue.

For your personal best.


  • Increased endurance and faster recovery times
  • Compression stabilises the calf and reduces muscle vibration
  • Ultra-thin, light, airy microfibre fabric
  • Cushioning of sole area and cut-out on the achilles tendon prevent pressure and friction
  • Durable, toxic-free product

Easy Returns

Concerned that your item might not fit properly? Our aim is to ensure you are happy with your Bauerfeind purchase. All Bauerfeind items come with a 30 day return & exchange policy. Ensuring you of the perfect fit.

Items must be in original condition, with original undamaged packaging and not have been used apart for testing for correct sizing.


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How to achieve the perfect fit

Sports Compression Socks Run & Walk

Step 1

Measure the circumference of your calf at its thickest point (1). 

Sports Compression Socks Run & Walk

Step 2

Use your European shoe size to determine short or long size (2). 

Sports Compression Socks Run & Walk

Step 3

Sports compression socks should feel snug and firm but not constrictive. All sports compression garments have a 30 day exchange policy.

Sports Compression Socks Run & Walk
Sports Compression Socks Run & Walk

Frequently Asked Questions

What is true medical-grade compression?

The two basic components of true “medical-grade compression” are gradient compression and minimum compression levels.

Gradient compression means the compression is strongest farthest away from the center of the body/heart and slowly loosens as it goes closer to the center of the body.

Medical-grade compression levels are in the “sweet spot” for improving circulation and removing lactic-acid and other fluid build up. Unlike most other 'active wear' and retail compression available in Australia (that are not gradient and provide much lower grade compression), Bauerfeind compression is true medical grade.

What’s the difference between the Performance and Recovery lines?

Both lines offer medical-grade compression and have the same medical benefits of increased healing bloodflow, stability and proprioception.

Sports Supports are ideal for shorter bursts of intense activity (like a workout or a basketball game), whereas Medical Supports are softer and more comfortable for all-day wear.

Sports braces and supports are great for injury prevention, but if you already have an injury you're trying to recover from, we’d recommend going with a Recovery brace or support.

What is proprioception?

Proprioceptors are helped by mechanoreceptors in the skin, which help detect stretch, compression, vibration and pressure. All of these messages come together and are analyzed by your brain, which provides you with a sense of awareness of your body and its movement within space.

Succeeding at your sport relies on your coordination and confidence, and gaining awareness of your body’s movements is essential to improving performance and preventing an injury.

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