Choosing the Right Knee Brace for Your Meniscus Injury

Did you know that all people have unique kneecaps? Like fingerprints there are no 2 people have the same kneecap structure. Unfortunately, one of the things that is commonly shared by individuals is the presence of knee pain.

What is a Meniscus?

Our knees are a hinge joint, meaning they allow for the flexion and extension of the knee. Within this joint there are shock absorbers that help distribute force between the femur and the tibia – these are know as your meniscus.

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knee pain from meniscus tear


Will a knee brace help a torn meniscus?

Tears however big or small can cause pain, swelling, limited ROM and overall instability of the knee joint. A knee brace can not only help reduce pain but also reduce swelling and improve stability.

  • The compression found in knee braces add pressure to the knee area which boosts circulation. As you may already know, increased blood flow means oxygen and nutrients are more effectively brought to the area which promotes recovery and healing.
  • Wearing a knee brace can also improve strength in the surrounding muscles of the knee. For example, the quadriceps muscle controls extension of the knee, by reducing soreness and recovery time of this muscle you can effectively build up more strength in it. The strengthened muscle will then be more efficient at holding your knee joint stable, reducing degeneration its shock absorbers i.e., meniscus.
  • Bracing gives you the confidence to stay active. Movement is the way in which nutrients are delivered to the meniscus, while 30% is nourished through blood supply the rest of the meniscus is nourished by the synovial fluid in your joints. The only way that this moves through the structures of the knee is through active movement.

There are many different types of meniscus injuries, so it is important to choose the right knee brace for your circumstance.

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Knee brace for mild meniscus injury

If you are someone that suffers from mild osteoarthritis of has slight meniscus pain the GenuTrain A3 knee brace which is our most comfortable brace. It uses medical grade compression and a specialized gel pad to stabilise the knee and reduce pain throughout the joint. This gel pad features massage nubs which target common pain areas around the inner side of the knee. This brace is the softest and lest compressive of all our knee braces making it suitable for all day wear.

Knee brace for mild meniscus injury

Knee brace for running with a meniscus tear

One of the common side effects of a meniscus tear besides pain is instability. An unstable knee joint can lead to all sorts of more serious issues. Whilst engaging in a high impact activity such as running a knee brace with medial and lateral hinges would be most effective in stopping any lateral/twisting movements of the knee ensuring no further damage is done.

As seen in the GenuTrain S Hinged Knee Brace.

Knee brace for meniscus tear – post surgery

Wearing a knee brace after surgery will help support and unload the knee. By limiting the stress being placed on the meniscus it ensures that it can adequately heal and not be reinjured. Traditionally, you will also want to limit flexion of the knee post-surgery whilst weight bearing to prevent any retearing.

Knee braces like the SecuTec OA that hinged with a gearing system will give you the option to block certain degrees of flexion and extension whilst also providing your knee with lateral support.

Knee Brace for degenerative meniscus – Moderate to Severe Osteoarthritis

Additionally, unloading braces are a good option for treating any ongoing degenerative meniscus tears due to Osteoarthritis or are a great post-surgical option. By unloading the joint space on any given side of the knee either medially or laterally we can limit the forces being placed directly on the meniscus preventing this degeneration and preserving these structures.
Check out the GenuTrain OA -

Knee Brace for degenerative meniscus – Moderate to Severe Osteoarthritis


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