Down To The Wire: In Origin, every minute counts

The first game of State of Origin is finished and one thing is already clear; the series will be down to the wire, and in origin, every minute counts. Preparation, opportunity and recovery make the difference between winning and losing. 

With a final score of 18-14, equal tries and huge efforts from both teams, Origin has always been a game of small differences and tide of the game was a line break and kick by Queenslander Kurt Capewell.

Nursing a groin injury which almost stopped him from playing, he was able to break through two of NSW’s best to set up a brilliant try. Assisting him throughout the game is the Bauerfeind upper leg compression sleeve.

In Origin, every minute counts

State of origin has always been a game of inches, with players leaving everything on the field. This year the series was delayed and played straight after the regular season, with no two week break like normal. Additionally, the players were dealing with the new six-again rules.

Both these combined mean the physical toll is greater than ever before and endurance is even more crucial. In this environment, every little effort counts, and the players’ ability to recover between games and get the most out their performance is crucial.

Queensland showed in the second half a stronger burst of energy and power, pushing over the line and claiming the first match. This endurance is a testament to the players, coaches and compression.

Bauerfeind and the state of origin

Bauerfeind make the decisive change

Bauerfeind have a global reputation for world-leading compression and supports. With anatomically shaped sleeves that provide targeted compression to every inch of the muscle, keeping blood flowing and energising fatigued bodies, our compression more than keeps up with you in your movement, it pushes you the extra mile.

The Queensland Maroons have been using Bauerfeind compression for travel, recovery, training and game day to ensure that they’re leaving nothing to chance, putting on the best performance they can to win the match.

They’re not alone in this. Bauerfeind compression is used by elite athletes across the world, from various national sports leagues to the Olympics, Bauerfeind is a familiar sight.

Start strong, finish stronger

When the players hit the field for origin, there’s no room for complacency. Every step and movement has to be full of power and precision, and any hesitation or flagging effort will open the gap for the other team to score.

Keeping up this momentum and effort for 80 minutes is exhausting and draining, and can leave many players with fatigue, injury and sloppy playing.

Using the right compression and support, not just during the match, but before and after, means that players don’t just start strong, they finish stronger, carrying the game.

This is what we saw in game 1, where Queensland kept their energy and momentum building throughout the second half (not to mention their maestro coach Wayne Bennet!), demonstrating an endurance that matches the Bauerfeind products.

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