How to Prevent Knee Injury in Sport

Knee injuries are the most common physical injury in sport. Whether it’s a ruptured ligament, tendinitis, torn meniscus or one of the other many types of knee injuries, you’re off the field for the rest of the game, sometimes even the whole season. 

How do knee injuries happen?

  • Collision with another player
  • Aggravation of an existing issue
  • Overexertion
  • Poor footing or a misplaced step
  • A bad fall

    Sometimes accidents are unavoidable, and no amount of skill or strategy will 100% stop injury occurring (even the pros deal with it), but you can act to minimise that risk.

    How to prevent knee injury in sport

    1. Bracing, strapping or compression

    Strapping, taping and bracing all act to support your body’s natural mechanical movement, which is why they’re used by sports physiotherapists all over the world. The benefits aren’t just injury management, but prevention as well.

    Using a compression support over the knee helps to increase blood-flow, improve muscle stability and support general movement of the knee. Wearing a knee support also reduces your risk of muscle strain or tear.

    In cases where you’ve had a previous injury or other problems with the knee, wearing a brace during exercise is a great for prevention and protection.

    2. Exercises and strengthening

    By strengthening the knee and surrounding muscles with targeted exercises, you can help reduce the risk of injury.

    While it’s good to work alongside a physiotherapist to get the best support for your particular issues, there are some general exercises that are great for anyone

    • Quad sets
    • Swimming
    • Gentle hamstring exercises
    • Stationary bike
    • Walls sits
    • Straight leg raises

      If you’ve had recurring issues with your knee, it’s best to do these and any other exercises and strengthening with the support of a brace to avoid injury.

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      3. Lifestyle management

      Taking care of your knees often means taking care of your whole body, as a range of lifestyle factors can have a direct effect on your chances of knee injury. These include:

      • Excess weight or obesity
      • Low levels of exercise
      • Poor or incorrect footwear
      • Smoking

        Managing these factors won’t just help your knees, they’ll also boost your overall health!

        Learn more: 5 tips for taking care of your knees

        4. Stretching and flexibility

        Warming down after a game is the first step to preventing injury, it not only improves flexibility 

        But there’s plenty you can do day to day to reduce your risk of injury. Here’s a few great ways of building up flexibility in the knees to keep them limber.

        • Yoga
        • Tai-Chi
        • Daily stretches in the morning
        • The use of compression stockings if you’re at a desk most of the day
        • Regular walks

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