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Using braces and supports

Whilst injured from accident or sporting endeavours or the period immediately following an operation can be a difficult time for anyone, especially those that are normally active, there are ways to enhance recovery time. Speeding up recovery and reducing pain is often at the forefront of many people's minds and for athletes, returning to their sport as quickly as possible, will be paramount.

One natural approach, avoiding the use of medical interventions such as anti-inflammatory medication, to aide the healing process is the use of Bauerfeind’s compression wear socks and supports. Using Baurfeind’s 3D body imaging ensures that compression wear and braces are fitted exactly to the individual’s measurements, providing the perfect environment to reduce any swelling, pain and aiding in a swifter recovery time.

How does compression wear work following injury or surgery?

As blood in the veins constantly works against gravity to flow back to the heart, anything which impedes this process – such as weakness in the walls of the veins, circulation problems, or lack of movement, especially after injury or surgery when extended rest is likely to be prescribed, can create swelling (particularly in the leg, ankles and feet), aches, leg fatigue, or even worse – blood clotting.

Compression wear, socks, and supports work to apply a graduated pressure on the muscle. In turn, this encourages blood flow around the body, preventing it from stagnating in the one area.

By increasing circulation to the area under the compression, the damaged tissue experiences a greater immune response by receiving more blood, nutrients, and oxygen, thus speeding up the healing time and faster removal of the enzymes which cause inflammation, fluid retention and soreness.

The anatomical fit feels like a natural extension of the body for flexible stability that won’t interfere with natural movement. Our braces deliver just the right amount of compression via our proprietary soft knit fabric. Our supports provide a therapeutic massage that stimulates circulation and muscle recovery so that you will be back to your fit and healthy self in no time!

Bauerfeind’s medical compression socks are part of a range of products specifically designed to provide long-term effectiveness, excellent wearing comfort not to mention looking great. The socks enhance recovery by providing support and comfort in the ankles, thus reducing pain.

Beuerfeind’s goal to reduce recovery time for injured athletes with the use of compression stockings

Bruno Bauerfeind originally established Bauerfeind in 1929, with the intention of creating extremely high quality medical compression hosiery. Since then, the company has gone above and beyond to supersede their own technology and now delivers the world’s only premium compression wear.

The company became a partner in the Olympic Organisational Committee, providing compression wear and supports for the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics. The winter games are notorious for the high rate of sporting injuries, however through Bauerfeind’s compression wear and supports, the majority of the athletes recovered for further Olympic competition.

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