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Size is a major consideration when developing the range of high-quality braces and supports for our consumers. Bauerfeind has undertaken extensive medical research based on a collection of measurements from more than 500,000 people around the world and has created a line of bracing and compression that accounts for, and fits, a variety of body types. 

Issues associated with inaccurate sizing  

A brace, of any kind, should in some ways be an extension of yourself, with an appropriately sized brace providing comfort, support, and relief without fear of slipping or further injury. The following issues may arise if size is not properly chosen for the brace: 

  1. Slippage. In choosing sizes for our products such as our GenuTrain Knee Brace, you will need to measure two parts of the leg. The circumference of your leg, more specifically the circumference of your thigh in relation to your calf. Those who have a more conical shaped leg, may be prone to slippage. That is where our comfort range comes in, made possible by taking in to account the need for more range within the sizing system, so comfortable options are available to everyone and still fit accurately.  
  2. Further injury to your joints. Choosing the right size is important as it will affect certain factors including the right amount of pressure and stability, which both leads to the rate of effectiveness in relieving pain. 

Tips and Tricks to aid you to find the right fit 

Exercise in the park in GenuTrain knee braces

Users should prioritise accurately measuring the area to achieve the best fit. When trying to decide what bracing and support suits your needs the most, it may be helpful to consider the following: 

  • Making sure you pick the right brace for your circumstances and getting an expert or product specialist to fit the brace might be one of your best options. If you are purchasing Bauerfeind’s product in store, our product technicians can teach you how to place the brace properly on the knee to reduce slippage (there is also an option to set up a video call, so we help you remotely) 
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  • Using our advanced sizing system and our handy measurement guidelines, as highlighted later in this article.
  • Understanding what you need your brace for. Visiting a certified physician and diagnosing the condition or ideal health effects (that you could see being improved by a brace), would make the fitting/sizing journey more streamlined. This is because each product targets a specific concern, and if this is mismatched with the desired outcomes and the point of injury, there is a possibility that the area could be damaged further, or slippage could occur. 


It is also important to understand why you need to use these products. Visiting a certified physician and diagnosing the condition or ideal health effects and can help guiding you in your recovery. 


Case Study: GenuTrain Knee Brace (13 sizes and comfort range) 

group walking through the park in genutrain knee braces

The GenuTrain Knee Brace is one of our most popular products. Why? Namely due to the wide array of sizing options available to users. The product itself is appropriate for Athletic activities, Occasion/ moderate pain, recovery, sprains, and all-day use, and with a sizing range that fits most individuals, the benefits are more accessible.  

In October 2016, Bauerfeind extended the GenuTrain sizing system by five Comfort sizes. This means that patients with conical leg shapes can now also benefit from perfectly fitting knee supports. The Comfort sizes are particularly popular with patients who have a larger thigh circumference and are looking for a comfortable option that fits accurately. 

The GenuTrain measurement system, pictured below, exemplifies the diversity of sizing that Bauerfeind offers. Here you can see how the comfort range accounts for the larger thigh circumference of some individuals. 

Bauerfeind products are manufactured through direct collaboration between physicians, scientists and specialists, whose result translates into high technology products, equipment, quality and reliability, giving rise to patented and bestowed solutions with multiple awards. 

Our extensive sizing system was developed based on real measurements from more than 500,000 different people around the world using our Bodytronic 3D scanning system. We combine this system with access to complete customisation, which allows us to efficiently deliver tailored products for all body types and ensures that you get a perfect fit. 

Besides sizing, we also have patented flat-knit technology that has been engineered to create anatomically contoured braces and supports that provide targeted compression where it’s needed most.

We will covering why material is important and how it relates to the effectiveness of a brace in the next week. Sign up for our newsletter in the footer below so you won’t miss out!

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