Toe taps: at-home foot & ankle recovery exercise

Strengthen the muscles which move and support the joints of the lower body.

Toe taps - also known as scissor kicks - are intended to restore, or enhance, agility while also working to strengthen the muscles that move and support the joints if the lower body.

You will need an exercise step or similar object to perform this exercise. While facing the step, stand upright on feet spread hip-width apart. Place one foot on the step with the other on the floor, spring up with both feet to switch their positions.

Adjust your pace according to your ability and repeat as instructed or tolerated.

Sore ankles? Excessive stress or movement beyond the body’s natural limitations can result in a sprained ankle causing damage to the joint, the joint capsule or the ligaments in the ankle. If you're suffering from ankle pain, an Ankle Brace could provide support for both injury prevention and recovery. 

Benefits of agility training

What exactly is agility? It involves possessing sufficient strength, power, balance, and control to move and change direction or body position. A tennis player, for example, displays agility every time they have to stop quickly, turn or get a burst of speed to run across the court.

If you struggle to move side-to-side, or find yourself off-balance a lot, agility training will help improve your performance.

One of the benefits of speed and agility training is that it improves coordination and body awareness. This can come in handy for maintaining balance or walking on uneven surfaces. Everyday tasks, such as handling children or working in the yard, become easier with increased agility.

Other benefits include aiding in injury prevention, increasing blood flow throughout the body, and developing the mind-body connection to increase focus.

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