Man at the harbor performing the wrist roller extensions workout. He is wearing Bauerfeind's EpiTrain Elbow Brace for better support


Are you experiencing elbow pain? From sprains to tendonitis to a pinched nerve, there are many potential causes. Exercise is one of the best solutions to relieving pain and reducing the risk of it returning. So, try adding the Wrist Roller Extensions workout to your routine. It targets the elbow, forearm, and hands.


The benefits of wrist roller extensions 

Wrist Roller Extensions strengthen the forearm muscles, which are responsible for supporting your wrist and elbow and helping the wrist joint move. In case of an elbow injury, strengthening the forearms can improve stability in the elbow joint, reducing pain and minimising the risk of re-injury. 


How to do wrist roller extensions


  1. To complete this exercise you will need an elastic band and a plastic or wooden dowel.
  2. Wrap a small portion of the band around the dowel, securing it in place so it doesn’t slip off. Step on the free end of the band to secure it in place, too.
  3. With the dowel held out in front of the body, alternately roll the dowel in each hand. Each roll of the dowel increases the tension in the band and the resistance applied to your movements.
  4. Once you have completed the upward repetitions, roll the band back out. Perform 15 upward and 15 downward repetitions.
  5. Repeat as your ability allows.


Support your wrist roller extensions

The support and compression provided by the Bauerfeind EpiTrain Elbow Brace can help manage pain and swelling during and after injury recovery.

  • Compression boosts blood flow while reducing the production of edemas, your body’s anti-inflammatory agents
  • The epicondyle pads work with the knit to reduce pain
  • By activating the muscle, boosting circulation, improving proprioception, and reducing pain signals, the EpiTrain helps protect the elbow throughout the exercise and beyond.


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