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Ankle Injury Support

Bauerfeind braces and supports are designed to stabilise your ankles while soothing pain areas.


Ankle braces are ideal for athletes because they support your weight while running, jumping, turning and pivoting. Bauerfeind supports also work well for people with conditions such as Achilles heel, arthritis and tendinitis, or for those who just want some additional support.

The supports stabilise the ligaments, tendons and joints that in turn reduces pain, inflammation and assists the healing of injuries. Bauerfeind’s unique knit fabric delivers a comfortable fit that conforms to your body. Additionally, the fabric ensures breath-ability and pulls sweat away from your body.

In addition to ankle braces, Bauerfeind’s heel cushions and insoles relieve stress and pain from tendons, ligaments and joints by reducing shock loads on the ankles and feet. They relieve pressure on the heel bone while also supporting the tendons around the heel.