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Hiking Knee Braces

Hiking is one of the most accessible outdoor activities. With no cost for admission (save a couple fo national parks), a wide range of difficulty levels for anyone from experienced hikers to beginning bushwalkers and bush hiking trails across the whole country, it's perfect for people of all ages. However, of all the joints that can be injured, a bad knee is the most common, and this means that what should be a pleasant and challenging walk in the bush can become arduous and painful. Wearing a hiking knee brace is one of the great ways to take care of this pain.

Bauerfeind have developed a reputation of providing the best knee supports in the world for over 40 years now, drawing on over 90 years as a company researching, testing and providing medical grade compression to patients across the world. With a range of knee braces for hiking at any level, there' no better place to get a brace and leave your knee pain.