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Since the 1981 release of the first generation GenuTrain, Bauerfeind has been leading the way in the development of medical support braces. Proven to reduce pain and increase stability, without causing atrophy or reliance, our braces are trusted around the world. Treating a wide range of injuries, conditions and other issues, there's a support for you no matter what.

Award Winning Design: Our high standard German engineering isn’t just for show. All our braces are designed, engineered and produced to the very highest standards there are, meaning there’s no weak points or compromises. Durable, long-lasting and easy to care for, you can't go past Bauerfeind for medical supports.

Medical Research: Bauerfeind are constantly researching and refining in the medical field, and rather than flood the market with dozens of different options for the same problem, we consistently refine and update the product to ensure you’ve always got the most up to date support with out compression braces.

Unparalleled comfort: Made from breathable comfortable cotton weave and skin friendly viscoelastic padding, Bauerfeind’s braces are ideal for every body, no matter the size, shape or sensitivity. Lightweight design and durability make our supports the one for you.

Pain relief: When and where you need it, Bauerfeind's unparalleled design and product quality come together to let you focus on the things that matter, minimising your pain.

Anatomical Fit: Shaped to your body's natural anatomy, we ensure that you've got the perfect fit to help every part of your body. With a wide range of sizes based off the research, studies and measurements of clinics worldwide, it's the brace that fits you, not the other way.