Ankle sprains occur when the ligaments around your joint are stretched. Sprains can vary in severity, depending on the way in which they are stressed. Side effects include swelling, bruising, and pain in the ankle. Ankle sprains are common in sports such as soccer, rugby and gymnastics and in activities such as dancing and athletics. Our superior ankle braces are specially made with medical grade compression to support your ankle, reduce swelling, and minimise pain and discomfort. A cushioned pad is also embedded in each brace to support all parts of the ankle and to provide extra protection. Our special knit material is gentle on the skin and allows for a more comfortable recovery process.


    Best Ankle Supports For Every Body

    Here at Bauerfeind, we are confident that we deliver the best ankle braces on the market. We firmly believe that a brace should fit your body instead of the other way around. Our team has conducted intensive research on thousands of different body types worldwide to engineer our braces to fit every individual body type. In the rare case that your body does not fit into our size range, we also offer custom ankle brace sizing. Our viscoelastic cushioning and three-level strap system help to stabilise the ankle and adjust the ankle support to fit your body. We feel certain that you’ll be pleased with your purchase; however, if you aren’t entirely satisfied with your ankle brace, we offer you the flexibility to return your brace for a refund or exchange it for another product within 30 days. Additionally, you will be given a 12 month warranty on your ankle brace purchase for any manufacturer faults. If you notice something wrong with your brace, a friendly member of our staff will be happy to assist you.


    MalleoTrain Ankle Support

    An ankle brace for treatment of a sore ankle following injury, surgery or due to arthritis.

    The MalleoTrain ankle brace employs scientifically targeted support to reinforce the stability and strength of your ankle joint. It delivers medical grade compression to improve your circulation which fastens the healing process. Two soft pads are integrated on each side which become active as you move by massaging the ankle joint to reduce swelling.

    • 3D Airknit technology provides moisture-wicking, breathable comfort
    • Compression reduced edges divert pressure at ends
    • Anatomically shaped for a secure fit and freedom of movement
    MALLEOTRAIN ANKLE SUPPORT for chronic sprains, moderate swelling and post-op recovery.

    MalleoTrain Plus Ankle Support

    An ankle brace for stabilising twisted and ankle sprains. 

    The MalleoTrain Plus lightweight ankle brace stabilises the foot following twists or sprains, as well as in cases of ligament weakness and overloading during sport.

    • Three-dimensional active knit - for a perfect fit.
    • Anatomical shape - Conforms to your body for gentle compression that keeps your ankle in place and improves circulation.
    • Viscoelastic cushions - Increase your comfort with soft pads while stabilizing the ankle and reducing pain and swelling.
    • Three-level strap system - Stabilizes the ankle joint in all directions. An effective alternative to ankle taping or wrapping to keep the ankle and foot in place to prevent ankle sprains. 

    MalleoTrain S Ankle Support

    An active ankle support for greater stability and security during physical activity to prevent ankle sprains and injuries.

    Thanks to its individually adjustable strap system, the MalleoTrain S acts like a functional tape bandage. The strap is fastened around the foot in a figure-of-eight pattern, connecting the mid and hind foot with the lower leg to support your ankle in all directions.

    • 3D Airknit design for moisture-wicking, breathable comfort
    • Ideal to wear during sports
    • Gradient compression engineering for a faster healing process

    MalleoTrain S Open Heel Ankle Support

    An ankle support for improved contact with the ground and a more secure ankle joint.

    With its individually adjustable 3- strap system, the MalleoTrain S Open Heel acts like a functional tape bandage. The strap is fastened around the foot in a figure-of-eight pattern, connecting the mid and hind foot with the lower leg to support your ankle in all directions to prevent potential ankle sprains. 

    • Three-dimensional active knit ensures a perfect fit.
    • Cut-out for better ground contact.
    • Breathable active knit gentle on the skin and extremely comfortable to wear. 



    Take a look at this video and learn how to  size your ankle so you can order the correct size Bauerfeind AchilloTrain and MalleoTrain Ankle supports and braces.
    Dancers, elite athletes, NBA players and Olympians use Bauerfeind ankle braces to treat and prevent ankle sprains. Don't take your healthy ankles for granted and protect them with Bauerfeind ankle support.


    • Regularly apply ice packs in the first few days to the affected area to help reduce swelling and pain.
    • Do plenty of balance and strengthening exercises for healing and prevent risks of re-injury. Your doctor can recommend a physical therapist to teach you what to do.
    • Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medications and analgesic may be helpful.
    • Severe or persistent pain should be investigated by your doctor.

    Play it safe: Consult a doctor if you experience unusually intense and persistent tendonitis pain.

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