CerviLoc S Neck Brace


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Neck brace for strong stabilisation and relief of the cervical spine.
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CerviLoc S Neck Brace


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When it comes to stabilising the neck after injury, the CerviLoc S Neck Brace is ideal for a comfortable and firm fit that keeps the neck in place all day. Using an anatomically shaped foam that's gentle and breathable on the skin, it soothes the muscles to relax the tension around the cervical spine.

Ideal for those with severe whiplash, chronic pain or pressure in the cervical spine or instability of the neck, the CerviLoc S Neck Brace is easy to put on and off for constant support with firm reinforcement in daily life at work, home or exercise.

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  • Reinforced stability to keep the neck in place and prevent rotation, twisting or bending
  • Simple design to put on and off with ease
  • Warming design to soothe and relax the muscles around the upper spine
  • Extensive sizing for all body types
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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I put on the CerviLoc S neck brace properly?

Guide the Velcro strap around the nape of your neck and attaching it to the corresponding piece of Velcro. The cervical collar must sit firmly against your neck. The neck brace should be tight but comfortable to wear all day.

Can I sleep with my CerviLoc S neck brace on?

Yes! Make sure your mattress has good support and sleep in a neutral position. Avoid using extra pillows that elevate your head as it may put pressure on your neck and cause discomfort. When trying to get up, roll out of bed gently to the side and push your body upwards with the help of your arms.

Can I bathe with my CerviLoc S neck brace on?

Yes but be careful and keep the neck brace dry and out of water. It would help to wrap the neck area with plastic to avoid it from getting soaked. The use of handheld shower nozzles can be helpful to keep water out of the product.

Will I experience side effects from wearing a neck brace?

Neck braces provide support and protection which helps with recovery during short-term use or the amount of time prescribed by your doctor. Avoid using it for the period given as it may cause the weakening and stiffening of the neck muscles.


How do I clean my CerviLoc S neck brace?

Close the Velcro fastening before washing by hand with mild detergent. Do not wring out. Wrap the collar in a towel and carefully press to dry.

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