OmoTrain S Shoulder Brace


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Ideal for dislocations, mild rotator cuff injuries and mild tendon injuries. Read more

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  • Viscoelastic soft pad – Massaging nubs reduce swelling and relieve pain in the soft tissue.
  • Soft knit fabric – Breathable knit is comfortable to wear, gentle on your skin and keeps moisture away from the body. It is machine washable in the gentle cycle.
  • High elasticity – Makes it easy to put the shoulder support on and take it off.
  • Strap system – Secures the brace with a simple singular strap
  • Pressure-reduced edges – Less compression at the edges for an optimal and comfortable fit that improves circulation

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The OmoTrain S should feel snug and firm but not constrictive. All Bauerfeind shoulder braces have a 1 year warranty and qualify for our 30 day size exchange policy.


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The OmoTrain S shoulder brace combines compression and medical engineering to provide stability and relief for the shoulder joint in a minimialist style.

It guides and centres the arm in the socket so the shoulder maintains proper natural movement, without impacting your mobility. Strapping runs across the shoulder and under the arm, designed to be easy and light to wear.

Muscles are activated by medical-grade compression which accelerates blood flow, bringing more oxygen to the shoulder area. This delays onset muscle soreness and accelerates muscle repair.

The OmoTrain S shoulder brace is ideal for shoulder arthritis, bursitis, mild instabilities, pain, swelling and tendinitis.

Important Note:

The primary difference between the OmoTrain S and the OmoTrain is the strapping system. For lighter sprains and milder issues we recommend the OmoTrain S. For stability and dislocation issues, and more severe shoulder pain, we recommend the OmoTrain. 

OmoTrain S Shoulder Brace
OmoTrain S Shoulder Brace

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I wear two OmoTrain S at the same time on both my shoulders?

Yes, the OmoTrain S is side specific, and you can wear one for each side at the same time.

My biceps are bigger than my shoulder muscles, will I still fit in the OmoTrain S?

Yes, the OmoTrain S fits biceps up to a circumference of 40cm and more in some cases. Please refer to our sizing guide or give us a call if you're still unsure.

Can I wear the OmoTrain S during sporting activity?

Yes, the OmoTrain S shoulder brace can be worn during sporting activities such as soccer, rugby, golf or tennis. The medical grade compression in the shoulder brace will stabilise the shoulder and improve blood circulation to also assist in post-game recovery.

The shoulder brace is made with a stretchable, breathable and moisture-wicking flat knit which prevents overheating during sporting activity. The strapping system involved in the OmoTrain S will keep the shoulder secured in the right place, whilst the viscoelastic soft pad will reduce swelling and relieve any pain felt. 

Can I wear the OmoTrain S for Acromioclavicular (AC) Joint Injury?

The OmoTrain S can assist in stabilisation of the shoulder area for acromioclavicular joint related injuries such as AC ligament tears, sprains and separation as it provides extra support around your shoulder and collarbone area. The medically graded compression in the shoulder brace and the massaging gel padding can aid in recovery and pain relief. 

Can I wear the OmoTrain S for a shoulder rotator cuff injury?

Yes, the OmoTrain can assist in shoulder rotator cuff injuries such as rotator cuff tendonitis, shoulder bursitis (inflamed bursa) and rotator cuff tears. The shoulder brace assists in pain management, stabilisation of the shoulder region and improving proprioception. 

Can I wear the OmoTrain S for a bicipital tendonitis?

Yes, the OmoTrain S can assist in pain management for bicipital tendonitis as the shoulder brace supports the shoulder and the bicep area. The medical grade compression in the OmoTrain S can help in improving the blood circulation in the bicep area which will aid in reducing inflammation and pain. 

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