Spinova Osteo Back Brace

A thoracic-lumbar brace that stabilises and supports the entire spine for daily wear. Read more
Spinova Osteo Back Brace
Spinova Osteo Back Brace

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Spinova Osteo heavy?

Made from a lightweight aluminium frame with minimal strapping and a breathable pelvic support, the Spinova Osteo is light on the body for all day wear but still strong enough for even the frailest of backs.

How do I know if I'm wearing it properly?

Our professional and friendly staff are available in store, on the phone and by video to help you get the perfect fit and adjust the brace to your back.

Will this cause weakness?

Due to it's anatomical fit and clinical design, the risk of reliance is minimal, and in people who maintain an active lifestyle where possible, the brace will help build up more strength, not less.