VenoTrain Glider Fitting Aid

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Slim and portable donning aid for compression stockings at home or on the road.


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VenoTrain Glider Fitting Aid


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The VenoTrain Glider Fitting Aid is an easy to use donning aid to help with getting compression stockings on, especially for those with arthritis joints, low mobility or who just have trouble getting tight stockings on. Using a simple 2 step process to get strong compression on with ease, the VenoTrain Glider is a must have for those on the go.

Made from a lightweight but durable material that helps the stockings slide on with ease, the VenoTrain Glider fits easily in any bag, or even your pocket, making travel with compression accessible and simple for anyone, so you can enjoy the journey.

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  • Light, stable and tear-resistant
  • Easy to handle & use
  • Ideal when travelling
How to achieve the perfect fit
For all stockings

Whether it's a knee high low compression sock or a pair of high compression pantyhose, the Glider is ideal for any stocking from Bauerfeind.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use the glider?

Instructions come with the product, and it's easy to follow, just put your foot on top and press the toes in, then slide the stocking over your foot before pulling the long tab at the back.

How long will this last?

With a simple but durable design, the glider will last comfortably for at least a year or two at least depending on how well it's cared for.

Does this work for open and closed toe stockings?

While this can be used for both open and closed toe, all Bauerfeind's open toe stockings come with a simplified donning aid that slides out the front.

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