VenoTrain Soft Arm Sleeve


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A comfortable all day arm sleeve for lymphedema, lipodema, tissue damage and circulation issues.
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VenoTrain Soft Arm Sleeve


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The VenoTrain Soft arm sleeve is perfect for treating early-stage lymphedema and lipodema, as well as post-op recovery to manage swelling. With a gentle fine-knit fabric that's anatomically contoured to massage your skin and promote drainage, it combines all day comfort with the best in medical compression.

Available in caramel and black and a wide range of sizes, the VenoTrain Soft is the go to sleeve for your arm compression needs.

Standard compression is class 1, for class 2 please contact us directly.

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  • Microfibre round knit that's breathable and extremely comfortable for all day wear
  • True medical grade compression (20-30mmHg)
  • Natural fibres woven over elastic blends make it ideal for sensitive skin
  • Comfort zone in elbow area for anatomic movement
  • Suitable for stage 1 & 2 lymphedema and lipodema, as well as skin grafts and recovery
How to achieve the perfect fit
Step 1

With the arm relaxed and by your side, measure your arm just at the top of the muscle beneath the armpit.

Step 2

Keeping the arm rested, measure the circumference of the elbow at the joint.

Step 3

Measure the circumference of the wrist at it's narrowest point.

Step 4

Finally, measure the length of the arm from the wrist measurement point up to the upper arm measurement point, keeping the arm straight.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does this restrict any arm movement?

The arm compression sleeves won't restrict movement, and in many cases may actually improve your range of motion with pain relief and swelling management.

Is this good for arm strains?

The arm sleeves are suitable for managing strains, mild tears, bruising and swelling in the arm. If there's a more localised problem in the elbow it's best to look at a brace like the EpiTrain.

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