Achilles Tendon Pain after Running

Feeling Achilles tendon pain when running? It is a very common (and very irritating) overuse injury to get. And unfortunately, if you ignore it, it can worsen over time. So, let’s get into Achilles tendon irritation, how to treat it, and how to prevent it in the future. 



Achilles tendon pain is most often the result of gradual irritation. Unsuitable running shoes (such as those that are too worn out to offer adequate support), too short a recovery period between training sessions, lack of warm-up, tight calves, and even incorrect running technique can all contribute. 

As a result, your Achilles tendon develops micro tears that worsen over time, leading to inflammation, stiffness, and pain. It is absolutely essential to take care of your Achilles at the first sign of pain. Left alone too long, the damage can increase, causing scar tissue and gradual loss of function.


Symptoms and degrees of Achilles Tendonitis

Achilles tendon complaints are always unpleasant, but there are differences in the severity of the irritation.


Stage I

If you increase your running training too quickly or wear running shoes that do not fit optimally, micro-tears in the tendon structure can occur, similar to the muscular micro-tears in a sore muscle. Fortunately, such tendon changes often heal after six to eight weeks if you reduce your training.


Stage II

Here, an ultrasound often already shows a clear change and thickening of the tendon structure. As vessels and nerve endings grow into the tendon, the pain increases even more.


Stage III

In the third stage, scar tissue grows over the tendon, and it loses its full functionality. 


Achilles Tendon Pain After Running: What to do

Take a break!

If you have Achilles pain, you should go to an orthopaedist and take a break from training. Your doctor will tell you how long this should last. However, in order to be able to put the right strain on your Achilles tendon again, you should generally expect to take at least six weeks off.


Cool and relieve the pressure on your Achilles tendon!

If your Achilles tendon is inflamed, you should do something good for it from time to time, especially at the beginning, and reduce the inflammation. Cooling the affected area with an ice pack is a good way to do this. Special ointments can also help to reduce the inflammation. In addition, you should elevate your feet, wear cushioned soles that slightly raise your heel, and wear compression for support and stimulating blood flow.


Better safe than sorry: how to prevent Achilles tendon pain

Wear an Achilles tendon brace

Sports Achilles Supports


Wearing an Achilles tendon Brace, such as our Bauerfeind Sports Achilles Support, is an excellent way to protect your Achilles as you return to running.

The support effectively relieves your Achilles tendon, and thanks to the special functional pad and small nubs, it also provides targeted stimuli to the surrounding tendon area, thus reducing swelling and pain and providing support.


Get good running shoes

Make sure your sports shoes have sufficient cushioning and arch support. They should also fit just right - not too tight, not too loose. And no matter how much you might love your current pair, if they’ve run over 800 kilometres, it’s time to replace them. 


Stretch your calves 

After all, the tighter the calf, the more pressure the Achilles tendon faces. Calf raises, downward dog, and leaning calf stretches are great options. If you feel like your calf muscle is particularly tight or the tissues aren’t quite giving way to the stretch, try a foam roller. Just make sure you roll the muscle alone - do not get too close to the ankle, or you risk irritating your tendon further. 


Take it easy!

As you get back into running, remember that if you took 6-8 weeks off, it will take you about that long to get back to the speed and stamina you were at before. And that while your cardiovascular system may bounce back fast (especially if you’ve been cross-training), your tendons will take a bit longer. Start with short distances and an easy pace, then gradually work your way up over a few weeks. 

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To sum up

Achilles tendon injuries are extremely common among runners and can knock 6 weeks or more out of your training. But as long as you catch it in time, treat it properly, and take the necessary precautions as you return to running, you’ll bounce back fine. 


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