An Australian Open Like No Other

The Australian Open is one of the biggest tennis events of the year, drawing the best players in the world to Melbourne. While the summer heat, tight training schedules and global competition are normally more than enough to keep these athletes on their toes, this year it's an Australian Open like no other with COVID completely changing how it’s players prepare. 

Stricter time frames, hotel quarantine and health concerns have impacted the pre-event training schedules, with some players frustrated and venting about the challenge and others staying cool and patient.

So, how can the most talented tennis players in the world keep their game fresh and find that edge outside of routine? One word. Bauerfeind.

Wearing the right support is essential

Tennis is a gladiatorial sport, requiring hours and hours of endurance with back to back games on top of an already tough training regime. Whether it’s younger teenagers training for a spot on the world stage or top-seeded players, Bauerfeind has an extensive experience with them all.

For many years we have been working alongside Australia's top podiatrists and sports physios to provide insoles, compression and bracing to tennis players competing on national and international levels.

We even have Australia’s best players wearing our supports during recovery and play, with Nick Kyrgios spotted training with our GenuTrain A3.

 Nice Kyrgios wearing the Bauerfeind A3 knee brace

How Bauerfeind can help with Australian Open prep during uncertain times

For over 30 years, Bauerfeind have supported players in FIFA, World Tennis, International Rugby and the Olympics. 

With COVID making things more difficult for the athletes, our support is more essential than ever. To help understand how our products provide competitive edge, here are three key ways we’ve helped tennis players and other Australian athletes to give their best in the COVID era.

1. Recovery through compression

International flights and two week quarantine can leave players with fatigue and tight muscles, putting them at risk once they’re on the court.

Bauerfeind have spent over 90 years perfecting compression to speed up the recovery process of the muscles and veins in the body, reducing swelling and pain and boosting muscle activity.

Tennis Compression

2. Endurance with insoles

Working with some of Australia’s top podiatrists to provide insoles for our tennis players is something we’re very proud of here at Bauerfeind Australia.

Using cutting edge, German technology and combining it with the best in bio-mechanic clinical experience here in Australia, we can help each player to have stability and posture that lasts the whole match.

Tennis Insoles

3. Beating injury with bracing

Even the top seeded players suffer from injury and strain. Bauerfeind have braces and supports to treat virtually every condition there is to provide support and stability on and off the tennis court, fitting everyone from juniors playing tennis at school to international players like Kyrgios.

Tennis ankle brace and support

While COVID may be presenting us all with incredibly challenging times, when it comes to active movement, sports and in particular tennis, Bauerfeind has it covered. 

Here's to an amazing Australian Open that will be incredibly interesting to watch!

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