back brace for pregnancy

Have you experienced a sore lower back after pregnancy?

During pregnancy your expanding uterus stretches and weakens your abdominal muscles and alters your posture, putting strain on your back. Your joints experience increased stress due to the extra weight, and loosen from hormonal changes. Whilst giving birth some muscles may have come out of hiding and the effects can be felt for some time, particularly if you had a long or difficult labour. A sore back can also be a result of poor posture while breastfeeding. Ditch the painkillers – wearing a back brace postpartum can help alleviate pain and quicken the healing process.

A key feature in this process is supporting the sacroiliac joint. Residing within the pelvic girdle, the primary function of the SI joint is to provide shock absorption for the spine, which is achieved by stretching in various directions.

Pregnancy can contribute to the insufficient self-locking of the sacroiliac joint, generating sacroiliac pain syndrome. This occurs by degenerative and inflammatory changes modifying the rough articular cartilage of the wedge-shaped sacrum, reducing the ability to withstand shear forces.

Back braces for pregnancy 

The SacroLoc back brace by Bauerfeind provides relief for sacroiliac joint pain. It assists with SI joint stability, relieves pressure on the pelvis and symphysis and, with its two-part visco-elastic cushion (pad), massages the sacroiliac joints. This stimulates circulation to help the healing process. In conjunction with pain relief, this back brace helps the body’s natural realignment process that occurs after birth.

The application of pelvic belts has been reported to significantly decrease pregnancy-related pelvic pain. Bauerfeind’s SacroLoc back brace is a popular support amongst new mothers.

“I have only just received however after one day I am very happy with my brace. My SI Joint is out and my pelvis won’t hold. The brace holds my pelvis in place. Thank you Motion Is Life for helping me heal and get back to health.”
– Rachel Burns

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