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Being an athlete is never easy. All the success comes with rigorous training and even setbacks with injuries. Have you ever wondered how basketball players protect their ankles? Your favourite NBA players are not immune to sprains! In fact, ankle injuries are the most common in basketball where studies find that over 40% of young basketball players will injure their ankle. Running and dunking mid-air where a wrong turn or landing can result in a sprain.

Our products are used by professional athletes such as 14-time NBA All-Star, Dirk Nowitzki. Considered to be a legend, Nowitzki recently set a record for spending the most seasons spent with the NBA Dallas Mavericks, his for over 20 seasons. He has been using Bauerfeind products for joint support and protection throughout his career.

Once you obtain an ankle injury, you are five times more likely to have recurring injuries. What can you do to prevent them? Here are some ways to protect your ankles based on what basketball players do.

1. Taping and Bracing

Trainers typically protect and support their teams joints by taping but it is known to affect performance and provide a sense of restriction if not done correctly. More so, strapping tends to lose the support/tension during a game as the tape is not elastic and typically needs to be redone.

Quality bracing is a stronger option especially when required on a consistent and constant basis. Whether it is during training or games it can both aid in support, protection, and recovery without losing its tension. It is important to know which ankle brace suits you and to get the measurements right for that perfect fit. 

Shop our range of Basketball ankle braces and refer to our product size chart to guide your measurements. All our products are made in Germany with a strong emphasis on accurate sizing, quality materials used to achieve medical grade compression and decades of world leading research to help achieve maximum performance and protection. If you would like to be assisted, you can book a free consultation or visit our Sydney CBD storefront to get properly fitted by us!

2. Strengthen Muscles with Training

Athletes such as basketball players’ condition their bodies to be able to perform better and maximise their capabilities. Trainers usually organise a workout program including strengthening key muscle groups with a variety of balancing exercises and flexibility programs. 

3. Importance to Rest and Recovery

Hard work in training is important but you wouldn’t want to overdo it. Our bodies need to rest and recover to minimise the risk of injury. If you want to workout on a rest day, professionals advise you to take it easy and consider stretching in the form of yoga or Pilates. In addition to adequate sleep, eating the right food is also key to recovery as you need all the nutrients and protein to build muscle and energy.

4. Prevention

Start prevention early. In addition to strength and conditioning and adequate recovery, medical professionals recommend young athletes to wear braces and supports in areas that commonly are known to be injured (eg: ankles) to prevent injuries by almost 65%. Wearing ankle braces can help you avoid injuries and can potentially make you perform better which is always a plus. 

Using the right products is vital to every sport. Even replacing your shoes after constant wear can be beneficial! Not sure which ankle brace will work best for you? Let us help you.

Shop now at Bauerfeind and we’ll get you started to living a pain-free lifestyle!

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