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For treating or minimising knee pain during activity or recovery, you’ll usually need to choose between a knee strap or a knee brace. But even with just these two categories, the range of options can get overwhelming. So, here’s our breakdown of the key differences between straps and knee braces and the best picks to keep you moving pain free. 


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Whether you’ll need a knee strap or brace (and which kind of brace) depends on your injury. You see, the knee is a very complex joint full of a lot of moving, weight-bearing, and cushioning parts. So, knee pain can come from many different causes. 

Among these are: 

  • Medical conditions like arthritis (whether it's septic, osteo, or rheumatoid) or gout
  • Mechanical problems like a dislocated kneecap, loose body (where a bit of cartilage snapped off and is floating around the joint), or Iliotibial band syndrome (where the band connecting the knee to the upper thigh has tightened to the point of rubbing against the outer knee) 
  • And, of course, injury. These may include ligament or meniscus tears, patellar tendinitis, or fractures.

As each of these injuries and conditions affect your knee and mobility differently, you'll need specific support.

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So, without further ado, let's see what kind of knee strap or brace is the best fit for the job. 

Knee Straps 

GenuPoint Knee strap for patellofemoral pain

GenuPoint Knee Strap


Knee straps are a good fit for injuries like patellofemoral pain. You'll get the knee support you need while enjoying the full range of motion. Our GenuPoint Knee Strap, for example, was designed to support the patellar tendon as it recovers from common conditions like Runner’s Knee. 

GenuPoint incorporates an adjustable anatomical strap for comfort and no-slip fit. It also has a special gel pad with four massage points that actively stimulate the patella tendon to relieve pain, reduce inflammation, and stabilise the knee cap. Designed to sit at the top of the calf, it is an ideal knee strap for pain management and relief.

GenuPoint's gel pad for relieving pain in the patella tendon


Knee Support Sleeves

Knee support or compression sleeves, meanwhile, provide support for a broader range of conditions. 

Genutrain Knee Brace


The GenuTrain Knee Brace, for instance, is also a good fit for minor patellar tendon injuries. But it’s also perfectly suitable for minor ACL and MCL sprains and tendonitis. That's because it will cover more of your leg with the same compression weave and give your knee more support through our patented Hoffa and Omega pads. 

If you have mild to moderate arthritis, we suggest you opt for the GenuTrain A3. You'll get pain relief and patellar stability through its specialised friction pad and corrective strap. Additionally, its meniscus wings and patented compression weave will reduce swelling and improve mobility. 

GenuTrain A3


Hinged Braces

Hinged braces are better suited for more serious injuries, post-op recovery, and more advanced stages of medical conditions. 

SofTec Genu


The SofTec Genu, for example, is best for moderate to severe ACL and PCL ligament injuries like ruptures. It will limit your knee's flexion range via lockable hinges, preventing your healing tendons from overstretching. Additionally, your ligaments will heal faster thanks to the compression weave, and the brace's four-point strapping system will relieve overall pressure on your knee.

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GenuTrain OA


Our GenuTrain OA, on the other hand, is specially made for moderate medial knee osteoarthritis. Its tension-stable knitted fabric and strap system reduces pressure on the medial knee compartment, while its hinge system lets you move your knee freely. 

Now, that was just a few examples from our product range. Backed by decades of research and rigorous testing, we’ve developed comfortable, durable, and effective knee braces devoted to a wide range of pains, injuries, and conditions. So, if you want to explore further, you can view our full knee support collection here.


Older man in a Bauerfeind knee brace getting assistance from a woman when climbing the stairs

For the best results, you’ll need to know how to use the knee braces and straps. So, here are some tips: 

  1. Bauerfeind products use a specialised flat knit weave, so you can wear both the GenuPoint and compression knee brace under most clothing without them being visible.
  2. Try to avoid getting your chosen knee support overly wet (or make sure to let it dry thoroughly if you do). They’ll still be just as supportive when wet but wearing soggy fabric of any kind can irritate the skin.
  3. All our products are anatomically designed, contoured, and sized for all body types. To achieve the perfect fit for you, please follow our fit guides, which you can find on every product page. 
  4. For milder conditions and injuries, we recommend wearing your knee strap or compression brace during physical exercise and generally as needed for pain relief. For more advanced conditions and injuries, however, please get specialist advice. 

If you require assistance selecting the right product for your needs or wearing the brace, call us on 1300 668 466 or contact us via live chat.

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