Patella Tendonitis: How a simple knee strap can help

Involved in high impact activities which also involve frequent jumping - such as basketball, volleyball, netball or athletics?

If so, and you have ever felt pain at the front of your kneecap or experienced swelling or tenderness at the base of your knee then you most probably have or have experienced jumpers’ knee. Formally known as patella tendonitis, luckily there is a simple knee strap that can help - here's how! 

What is patella tendonitis?

Tendonitis is caused by repeated stress to the patellar tendon, and affects a high number of young athletes especially when training load suddenly increases.

About 23 per cent of the population also have this condition or a whopping 40 per cent if you play elite volleyball or basketball! 

The patella or kneecap has a tendon covering the front of it which connects your kneecap to the shin bone. So every time you jump to reach for a ball and land on the hard court or when you pound the pavement while out running, you cause lots of tiny tears to the patella tendon.

These tears cause the inflammation that gradually over time develop into patella tendonitis.

What does patella tendonitis feel like?

People with patella tendonitis experience stiffness and pain when running, jumping, walking especially when going up and down stairs or bending generally the knee.

Some people may try to exercise through the pain because for some the pain settles whilst active, but this only makes it ten times worse after. 

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How a simple knee strap can help

So, what if there was a way to manage the pain and reduced restricted mobility caused by this condition?

Naturally the best treatment is stop doing the activity that caused the inflammation. But like many athletes or just people who enjoy being active, being told to sit on the side lines is disheartening and many of us are just too impatient to rest. 

By wearing a knee strap you could get targeted relief for the patella tendon by reducing excess strain of the tendon below the kneecap and can act as instant pain relief.

Bauerfeind knee strap for Patella Tendonitis

The trick is to find a good knee strap that actually works and isn’t just a tight bracelet for your knee.

For proven and effective pain relief, the GenuPoint Knee Strap is anatomically shaped, to sit comfortably and snug on below your knee.

This means the strap doesn’t move around or slip down because the last thing you want from a knee strap is to be constantly pulling it up during a game or whilst running.

It also has special gel pads with four massage points to actively stimulate the patella tendon to reduce inflammation, relive pain and stabilise the kneecap.

The best thing about the GenuPoint is that it is a discreet way of relieving this painful condition and the main thing is it doesn’t slip down so you can wear it and forget about it all day. 

So why sit on the side lines because you are in pain when you can solve it with a simple knee strap?

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