Reduce Swelling and Aches in Pregnancy with Compression

Pregnancy is an extremely exciting time. However, it is often accompanied by some less desirable developments, such as heavy swollen ankles and calves, carpal tunnel, weakened core, and back pain. Fortunately, compression socks, stockings, and back supports can help minimise these symptoms.


What causes the swelling and body pains?

During pregnancy, a few notable changes happen in the body: 

  • Your blood volume increases, nearly doubling in the third trimester. As you can imagine, it puts a bit more strain on the veins. 
  • You produce higher levels of the hormone progesterone, which makes the veins more elastic.
  • A growing belly means more weight to carry. This can start straining the lower back and the veins around your legs and pelvic region.

All of these changes create a perfect storm for swelling and aches. Overflowing, relaxed veins are more prone to fluid buildup. They’ll also be at higher risk of turning varicose, especially with the addition of a heavy belly putting stress on pelvic and leg veins. Greater levels of blood can start accumulating in the veins, thus producing a swelling effect (mostly in the feet, ankles, calves, and wrists). 


Are these changes dangerous? 

Generally, no. Most cases of swelling around the extremities and soreness in the back and abdomen are perfectly normal. But you do want to keep an eye out for a few symptoms: 

  • Significant pain in a swollen area
  • Tenderness to the touch 
  • Warmth and redness

These symptoms may point to Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) - a deep vein blood clot. If you feel them, head to your nearest hospital ASAP. 


Why is compression perfect for you?

Whether it be during or post-pregnancy, our graduated compression wear boosts blood flow around the body, preventing it from stagnating in one area (which can cause swelling, pain, and other health complications). Compression works by squeezing the blood out of congested surface veins and stimulating the muscles to pump it all back to the heart. 

By increasing circulation to the area, you improve nutrient and oxygen delivery to the tissues, reducing muscle fatigue and cramps. Pregnancy and post-partum swelling and circulation problems can lead to varicose veins as well as serious health problems such as blood clots or deep vein thrombosis. Compression tights will improve circulation to help prevent or reduce these problems.

Furthermore, our compression back supports provide relief for your abdominal and pelvic muscles, supporting the core and relieving the stress on your back.

What do we recommend?

Brace against back pain

Bauerfeind SacroLoc Back Brace


Bauerfeind’s SacroLoc stabilises and massages the muscles of the lower back while relieving pain and tension. Its soft, breathable knit ensures long-wearing comfort. 

Joint and muscle problems in the pelvis and lower back can cause extreme pain in the back and sacroiliac area. Our SacroLoc Back Brace stabilises and relieves pressure where the pelvis and sacroiliac connect.


Compression socks to fight swelling


Maternity Compression Stockings 


The VenoTrain maternity compression stockings, meanwhile, stimulate circulation and relieve unwanted stress on your veins, particularly in your ankles and calves. 

Our 3d body imaging system ensures our compression wear and braces are fitted exactly to your measurements. This provides you with comfortable, dependable protection and pain relief during and after your pregnancy.


Beyond compression: more steps you can take for a comfortable pregnancy

  • Pre and antenatal yoga to fight muscle tension and strengthen crucial support muscles around the legs, glutes, and core.
  • Using a warm compress to relieve tension.
  • Using pillows to support yourself while at rest, particularly when sleeping. Placing a body pillow under the knees and under the belly will keep the hips aligned and take some weight off your abdomen and obliques.
  • Monitor your posture. Pregnant women tend to start leaning backwards as their belly grows, which, while easing some pressure on the core, can increase the strain on the lower back.
  • Stay hydrated and eat right. A diet rich in vitamins and balanced in carbs, proteins, and fats will help keep your veins and muscles strong. Drinking plenty of fluids, meanwhile, will help get some of that excess fluid out.


To sum up

Pregnancy and postpartum can be very uncomfortable times. Swelling, back pain, and vein issues are, unfortunately, quite common. However, wearing quality compression supports will help relieve such discomfort. You should also take extra steps like getting in some gentle exercise, elevating your feet, and sleeping with the support of a body pillow.


More information

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