Single leg balance: at-home strength and injury recovery exercise. Photo by Cliff Booth from Pexels

This exercise is intended to restore or enhance balance following an ankle injury. 

A decrease in balance is commonly seen following an ankle sprain and for those with chronic ankle problems. The below exercise will help to improve balance to help the ankle rehabilitate after injury.

Begin standing upright on feet spread hip-width apart. Step forward onto one foot and hold your balance on that foot. Try to maintain your balance for 10 seconds.

Avoid locking your knee, keep both the hip and knee slightly bent and attempt to keep your body as still as possible during this exercise. Relax and repeat as your ability allows.

When the ligaments that support the ankle become compromised by injury, the Bauerfeind MalleoTrain Ankle Support can enhance stability to reduce pain and improve function.


Why is it important to rehabilitate after an ankle injury?

The ankle is one of our most critical body parts, and due to a complex mix of ligaments, bones and joints, it is also one of the most injured. 

Rehabilitation has been shown to significantly reduce the risk of recurring ankle injuries. It may also help to prevent the development of ankle osteoarthritis, which is associated with ankle instability.

With common ankle sprains, regaining a full range of motion, strength and coordination are extremely important during rehabilitation. It is recommended that you speak with a medical professional who can tailor a rehabilitation program for your needs. They may recommend such things as:

  • Following the RICE method: 

Rest: The injured joint should be immobilised immediately. Rest should be prioritised, and no stress should be applied to the joint.

Ice: Cooling the joint is recommended. To prevent and minimise swelling, an ice pack, wrapped in a cloth, should be applied immediately after injury. 

Compression: Compression bandages, alongside medical ankle braces, can help relieve pain and reduce swelling. These provide support and prevent excessive stress and movement of the ankle joint.

Elevation: Elevation of the injured foot above heart level, preferably mounted, prevents further complications by managing and preventing edema.

    • Pain and anti-inflammatory medication in combination with rehabilitation exercises.
    • An ankle brace to support the ankle during recovery, and prevent further injury in the future. 

    For more on treating a sprained ankle: What is a sprained ankle?

    Wearing a Bauerfeind ankle brace while doing a balancing exercise on an unstable surface to improve balance after ankle injury.

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