Stability Ball Push-Ups Workout

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Strengthen the muscles responsible for moving and supporting the shoulder and arms.

This is a variation of the classic push-up exercise, performed on an unstable surface, adding to the challenge. Pain may make exercise a challenge. The support and compression provided by the OmoTrain Shoulder Brace from Bauerfeind can help to ease shoulder pain and improve exercise performance.


  1. Begin this exercise in the push-up position, with both hands supported on top of the stability ball.

  2. From the described position, lower and raise your chest to and from the ball by bending and extending the elbows.

  3. While performing this exercise maintain a straight line alignment from the ankles, knees, hips and shoulders.

  4. Perform both the upward and downward movements in a controlled fashion.

  5. Repeat as appropriate for your ability.

Primary muscles: Chest and Shoulders

Secondary muscles: Back and Hips


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