Step off the couch with today's workout: Step Up to a Lunge

Strengthen the muscles responsible for moving and supporting the ankles, knees, legs and hips.

Begin this exercise standing upright facing a curb, step, exercise step or another elevated surface. Position yourself such that a long stride is needed to reach the step. Stride forward and onto the step, pause there briefly before returning to the starting position.

This exercise may be performed alternating between the two legs or continuously on one. Relax and repeat as instructed.


Ensuring appropriate footwear and practising care on uneven surfaces are crucial in reducing the risk of a sprained ankle injury or knee pain. If you currently have pain in your ankles or knees, one of the most effective measures to maintain mobility and exercise for restrengthening is the use of medical ankle braces or knee braces suitable for every day use. 

The benefits of Step Up Lunges

This resistance exercise is popular for its ability to strengthen your back, hips, and legs while improving mobility and stability. Lunges are ideal for those wishing to get stronger and for current athletes, including runners and cyclists.

Lunges are a lower-body unilateral exercise since you work on each side of your body independently. The single-leg movements activate your stabilising muscles to develop balance, coordination, and stability.

Working one leg at a time causes your body to be less stable, which forces your spine and core to work harder to stay balanced.

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