Too Much Backyard Cricket? Simple Solution for Shoulder Pain

Using the esky as a wicket, someone’s thongs as the bowling crease, and the age-old rule of “hit it over the fence is 6 and out”. Backyard cricket in Australia is one of the fondest and most iconic pastimes.

With summer getting us out and enjoying the warmer weather, it’s time to show the kids, our housemates or the guys from work just who’s got the best topspin. The last thing you want in all this is to for your shoulder to be hurting. If it is, then we have a simple solution for shoulder pain.

Shoulder pain causes

Shoulder pain can come from a range of issues, including bursitis, weak joints, previous injuries and tendinitis.

Treating these issues with physiotherapy and medical assistance is important for the long-term health of the joint, but in the meantime, there’s a couple of simple ways to take care of the pain so you can show them how to knock out the wicket like Warnie.

The simple solution for shoulder pain

Pain usually indicates an underlying issue, however managing the symptoms is a good way to start treating the core of the problem and help you get back to daily life and knocking that ball past the boundary.

Note: In cases where the pain is increasing in severity, you start to feel numbness or tingling in the shoulder/arm, you lose range of motion in the joint or it becomes heavily discoloured, then seek immediate medical attention. 

Step 1: Rice

Rest, Ice, Compress, Elevate. It’s mentioned again and again by physios and doctors, and in more than a couple of our blogs.

There’s good reason for that, it’s one of the most effective ways of treating and managing physical injury. With the shoulder in particular, here’s what to do

  • Rest it by taking pressure off the arm, avoid lifting or throwing while it’s still tender.
  • Ice the joint, especially when it’s more painful or feeling hot. 20 minutes on, 20 off.
  • Compress the shoulder and surrounding muscles, including the upper bicep.
  • Elevate the shoulder by keeping it rested on a higher bench or arm rest to take pressure off the joint.

Bauerfeind shoulder brace

Step 2: Stretch

Stretching the muscles in and around the shoulder helps to relieve pain by easing tension built up in the muscles and tendons, building flexibility and reducing inflammation.

If you’re finding that pain surging when you go for a bowl, try the following stretches.

  • Seated shoulder stretch
  • Seated triceps stretch
  • Seated chest stretch

Learn more: 10 exercises for shoulder recovery

It’s also helpful to follow these stretches on a daily basis in the morning and afternoon to build up resilience in the joint and minimise the pain occurring in the first place.

Step 3: Wearing a brace for support

As much stretching and resting can help, often we don’t have the luxury of taking a break from life.

In between work, time with friends and family, and sports and exercise, taking a few days to rest isn’t always an option.

Using a shoulder brace can help not only to provide stability and pain relief while still doing the things you love (like bowling out your dad on the first bat), it can also help to reduce recovery time and make any shoulder treatment more effective.

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