What Do Compression Calf Sleeves Do?

Compression calf sleeves create support for your calf muscles and decrease the amount of muscular vibration. This reduces muscle fatigue you may experience during exercise. With the decreased muscle fatigue you should experience  improved athletic endurance and recovery.

Benefits of Compression Calf Sleeves  - Backed by Science 

Ideally, the more oxygenated blood that your heart can supply to your muscles, the better your muscles can function. Studies show that to achieve and maintain this, wearing compression allows for the walls of your arteries to dilate and increase your blood flow.

The increase in circulatory efficiency is what drives all of the benefits and here some reasons you might want to consider it for your training and recovery:

Improved Athletic Endurance & Performance

With the gentle and graduated pressure from the medical grade compression, it boosts blood circulation, which increases oxygenated blood and nutrients that feeds your muscles during exercises. This enhancement powers you throughout your workout and in nearly any sport. It also creates support for your muscles and decrease the amount of muscular vibration. This reduces the muscle fatigue you may experience during exercise.

We recommend to use calf sleeves during endurance training, cardio exercises or distance sports like running and cycling.


After a workout, calf compression sleeves are used to boost the levels of oxygen and nutrients to the muscles and eases muscle fatigue. It also decreases swelling and soreness in the lower leg as it removes the lactic build-up and boosts the lymphatic drainage. Medical grade compression helps you to recover quickly as it flushes out the lactic acids and re-circulates back to the heart. 

Prevention of Injuries

Calf arm sleeves can be beneficial for preventing shin splints, calf cramps and strains, but they are not used for existing injuries. With the gentle compression on the muscles, it increases blood flow to the area which reduces the stress on the calf muscles. This effectively prevents any swelling or tension on your muscles.


Misconception of Compression Sleeves

The misconception which is often associated with compression garments is that they are only used for injury ridden athletes or for high intensity training - which is not true! The effectiveness, safety, pressure distribution, and retention of the compression garments are important aspects that have significant effects on the health of all users, rendering these products perfect for all consumers!

Here are some of our non athletes' customers who purchased Bauerfeind Calf Compression Sleeves:


My daughter 17 has worn these to support recovery with a mild calf strain and general calf tightness and fatigue during netball. 

BACK TO RUNNING - Ursula M., Verified Buyer

After a brutal HIT session, my calf muscles felt like they were ripping. Running became unbearable and painful. After using the lower leg sleeves, my calves feel supported and my pain is gone.

Why Bauerfeind Sports Compression Calf Sleeves? 

Bauerfeind Sports Compression Calf Sleeves are ideal for sports including endurance running, football and tennis. Marketed as a pair, every item is crafted using the highest quality materials with extreme attention to detail at every stage of the design and production process



* Please note colour of product is forefront colour in product images (sizing and length can vary with preference.


  • Extra-wide supportive band for a comfortable fit
  • Reduces muscle vibrations
  • Breathable material and moisture wicking
  • Medical Grade Compression improves circulation
  • Speeds up recovery

Treatment of:

  • Poor circulation
  • Lack of endurance
  • Fatigue
  • Damaging muscle vibrations

If you have any questions about compression sleeves,

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