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Knee Injury Support

Bauerfeind’s GenuPoint, Secutec and GenuTrain knee braces provide fast relief by soothing specific knee areas and delivering joint stability. The muscles, tendons and ligaments of the knee are the most common problem areas in the body to suffer pain and injury. Bauerfeind knee supports can help if you have arthritis, need an MCL or ACL knee brace, are looking for the best brace for knee surgery or seeking relief for the patellar tendon.

Are you looking for the best knee brace for skiing, football, runners knee, jumpers knee, soccer or other sports. Our patented knit material and viscoelastic cushioned pads were engineered to make a highly comfortable brace that you can wear all-day.

The net gain? Less pain and increased stability. Bauerfeind hinged knee braces and knee straps give you the confidence to do what moves you.