The meniscus is one of the most common knee structures to be injured. It’s role is to provide support as a shock absorber, particularly to rotational forces.

For the younger population, damage to the meniscus can result from trauma, either from sports or recreational activities that involve high impact twisting motions. In the older adult, the tear could be from age-related degradation of the meniscus.

Meniscus tear pain can be debilitating and keep elite athletes on the sidelines for weeks to months. It is important to get on top of these issues as soon as they arise to avoid further muscle imbalance, weakness or a progression in the injury.

A good knee brace for an advanced meniscus tear is the GenuTrain S, which is a hinged knee support that provides extra stability.

Bauerfeind’s high-quality supports or braces with medical-grade compression is designed to provide pain relief and stability. Our knit material and special viscoelastic cushioned pads make for a comfortable brace to complement your recovery process.



    Bauerfeind GenuTrain knee brace for torn meniscus

    GenuTrain Knee Brace

    An award-winning knee brace that provides targeted support for pain relief and stabilisation of the knee to prevent meniscus tears. 

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    If your knee is weak, swollen, painful or recovering from an injury, the Bauerfeind GenuTrain knee brace will help provide you with relief and stability.

    • Integrated donning aid allows you to easily put on the knee brace
    • Soft hollow of the knee for enhanced wearing comfort
    • Three-dimensional active knit for an ideal fit and optimal neuromuscular joint stabilization
    • Omega pad improves neuromuscular joint stabilization
    • Meniscus wings to help relieve meniscus pain
    • Fits either leg the same version can be used for right and left
    • Moisture wicking fabric for all day comfort


    Bauerfeind GenuTrain P3 advanced Knee Brace for a torn meniscus

    GenuTrain P3 Knee Brace

    An advanced knee brace for pain and misalignment of the kneecap, often caused by injury related to sports. 

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    The GenuTrain P3 is ideal for pain caused by misalignment of the kneecap (patellar lateralisation), femoropatellar pain syndrome (anterior knee pain), ACL, MCL injury and pain from torn meniscus. Unique 3D weave is breathable, moisture wicking and provides all day comfort.

    • Corrective guide – Stops your kneecap from drifting outward to relieve discomfort and help healing without loss of mobility.
    • Corrective strap – can be individually adjusted for optimal kneecap control.
    • Pad wing – Proximal extension as far as the vastus medialis muscle, and improved proprioception.
    • Ring-shaped soft pad – Surrounds the kneecap to center it for stability.
    Bauerfeind GenuTrain S hinged knee brace for a torn meniscus

    GenuTrain S Hinged Knee Brace

    An active knee brace designed especially for active seniors who need support of complex, chronic arthritic knee pain. Ideal for Grade 3 torn meniscus pain.

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    The hinged knee brace was engineered using Bauerfeind’s gradient compression, lateral joint splints and a viscoelastic pad to provide active protection of the knee. 

    The joint splints guide the knee, providing lateral movement support for a torn meniscus while keeping the area stable. This improves sensorimotor function for maximum movement control.

    • Joint side bars – Straps connect directly to side bars for superior stability in the knee and surrounding area.
    • Viscoelastic pads – Provides a massage effect during movement.
    Knee strap in a colour combination of blue and grey and is worn on the right knee. It is considered one of Bauerfeind Australia's best recovery knee straps, GenuPoint Knee Strap.

    GenuPoint Knee Strap

    A knee strap that provides targeted relief for the patella tendon.

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    Bauerfeind’s GenuPoint relieves the excess strain on the patellar tendon below the kneecap, helps to ease pain in the front knee, and counteracts the noticeable effects of restricted mobility.

    • Velcro strap and be tightened for adjustable compression
    • Anatomically shaped for a secure fit and freedom of movement
    • 3D airknit technology provides breathable, moisture-wicking comfort



    Elite athletes and sports players use high-quality, German-made Bauerfeind products to prevent and treat knee injuries such as a torn meniscus, IT Band Syndrome and ACL/MCL/LCL injuries

    Check out this video showcasing the best knee braces for treating a torn meniscus and support lateral movement of the knee. Bauerfeind braces help in stabilising the knee and improving proprioception. Bauerfeind knee braces can be worn to provide pain relief and protection during sporting activities. 



    Many people with a torn meniscus can walk and complete daily exercises with no major restrictions. It is important to see a medical specialist to get it treated right away so you can resume pain-free normal activity as soon as possible.




    • Regularly apply ice packs in the first few days to the affected area to help reduce swelling and pain.
    • Stretching and strengthening exercises, especially for your quadriceps muscles. Your doctor can recommend a physical therapist to teach you what to do.
    • Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medications and analgesic may be helpful.
    • Severe or persistent pain should be investigated by your doctor.
    • For more advanced meniscus injuries, surgery may be recommended by your doctor.

    Play it safe: Consult a doctor if you experience unusually intense and persistent tendonitis pain.