Get Back to Running With Patellar Tendonitis Strapping

It is always frustrating when pain and discomfort hold you back from training. Are you worried that Patellar Tendonitis is affecting your running performance? We have a solution for you.

The results of an independent study by the University of Groningen has shown that our Sports Knee Straps can reduce pain by 28%.

Pain caused by excessive strain on the tendon can be reduced by the clever design of our knee straps.

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Which type of knee brace is best for patellar tendonitis recovery?

Using a Patellar Tendonitis Brace can alleviate pain, but it is important to choose the right one. The brace should fit snug and have the appropriate materials and design to support you during activity. Bauerfeind’s GenuPoint Knee Strap ensures a perfect fit with its individually adaptable and adjustable strap system coupled with its 3 sizes. It makes sure that everything is in the right place and stays put.

The technology and design of the GenuPoint Knee Strap functionally reduces pain with these features:

  • Fitted below the kneecap, at the insertion of the patellar tendon
  • Massaging pressure points from the special pad manages the pain by providing the patellar tendon with decompression
  • Inner pressure points guide and support the tendon while reducing the inflammation
  • Outer pressure points actively stimulate the patellar tendon, thus boosting the knee’s sensorimotor function 


GenuPoint Knee Strap


With Bauerfeind’s GenuPoint Knee Strap clever design, technology and high-quality material, it is the perfect brace for relieving pain below the knee cap.
Don't hesitate to contact Bauerfeind today to learn more about how the GenuPoint Knee Strap can help you. Call us at 1300 668 466 or book a video call with our product specialist, who will be able to assist you with your knee strap needs.

Dealing with Knee Pain

It would be beneficial to lower the intensity of activities to avoid further strain and damage. Activities such as running, jumping or sports requiring sudden changes of direction should be replaced with gentler activities such cycling and rowing. 

The patella is embedded in the tendon of the anterior thigh muscle which causes discomfort when there is tension. Methods such as regular stretching and several 20-minute cold treatments can provide relief.

Once diagnosed professionally, depending on how severe the patellar tendonitis is, you may be recommended to try treatments such as physiotherapy, ultrasound, electrotherapy, shockwave, and manual therapy. These treatments can reduce strain and help the knee joint get used to movement carefully.


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